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6 Halloween Costumes For Your Redhead Dog And Cat

For Your Redhead Furry Friends

Do you have a furry friend who’s a redhead? We love ginger animals, and there’s nothing cuter than a pet dressed up on Halloween. Here are six costume ideas for your redhead dog or cat to look their cutest this pumpkin-crazed season

1. Lion

This costume is perfect for any ginger pet, plus it’s fairly easy with just a lion headpiece you can put on. You could even dress all your animals up in a safari theme or do a Wizard of Oz theme you, the owner, can be Dorothy.

2. Bingo or Chili

A cute “costume” for red dogs is Bingo or Chili from Bluey. This could be a group costume or just a fun way to say your pet is dressed up. 

3. Pumpkin

A Halloween classic. You can’t go wrong with a cute pumpkin costume on a dog or cat. It looks even cuter on pets with red or orange fur. 

4. Tigger

A cute look for pets, especially dogs is to go as Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. This can be cute for cats too, but you might have a hard time keeping them in the hood. 

5. Garfield

Got a grumpy orange cat who won’t dress up? They’re the perfect Garfield. Take a photo with a lasagna or even better an empty lasagna pan (since they ate it all) and you’re golden.

6. Barista

Make your cat, or dog, into a pumpkin spice-making barista this Halloween. 

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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