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9 Spooky Halloween Nail Art Ideas for Redheads

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Now that we’re knee-deep in fall, you’re probably sick of cute autumn nail ideas. Want something spooky to round out the month of October? Check out these fun Halloween nail ideas for redheads: 

1. Bones / Skeletons

Add some little bones or skeletons to black nails for an adorable yet spooky Halloween nail look.

2. Scary Movies

If you’re a fan of horror movies, this one is for you. Get a scene or some elements from your favorite scary movie painted on your nails. Plus this look doesn’t have to come off when Halloween is over!

3. Beetlejuice

If you love a good color scheme and a classic Halloween spook, try a Beetlejuice-inspired nail. This would also pair perfectly with a costume from the movie!

4. Spider Webs

Another non-Halloween-specific spooky nail idea is spiders and spider webs. These look great on all nail lengths and are even easy enough to try at home. 

5. Midnight Sky

For the witchy Halloween vibes try a midnight sky-inspired nail style with some twinkling stars. This is another great look that can be worn all fall (and winter) long.

6. Ghosts

Get classically spooky with some ghosties on your nails this Halloween. These can be sweet or spooky!

7. Blood Drips

Want something to accent your spooky costume? Try blood drip nails. Blood drips can be added to different styles or worn alone. 

8. Classic Halloween

You can’t go wrong with an orange and black look for Halloween. We love this classic style with little stars, bats, and pops of white. 

9. Pumpkins

Of course, if you’re more of a traditionalist, pumpkins might be a better Halloween option. But pumpkins can also range from sweet to spooky!


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