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11 Photos of Ginger Cats To Celebrate National Cat Day 2023

Ginger cats have a "ginger gene" just like humans!

ginger cat

National Cat Day is October 29th and since many of these adorable animals also have ginger hair, we are sharing 11 fuzzy felines with you. Here are some fun facts:

Ginger Cat Fact #1: Did you know there are 3x as many male ginger cats as there are female ginger cats?

Ginger Cat Fact #2: Did you know ginger cats have the MC1R “ginger gene” too? Just like humans. 

Ginger Cat Fact #3: Just like humans, both cat parents have to carry the “ginger gene” for their kitten to be born ginger.

Take a moment to “awww” & “so cute” with us:

1. @thatcatted is a lovely ginger kitten that lives in the UK

2. @pumpkinthefloofball is a chaotic ginger kitty who lives up to his fiery mane.  


His expression at the end I can’t😭🤣 #cat#cats#catsoftiktok#cattok#cattiktok#gingercat#gingercatsoftiktok#petsoftiktok#funnypets#cutepets#pettok#cutecats#funnycats#funny#catlovers#orangecat#orangecatsoftiktok#fyp#foryou#foryoupage#fypシ

♬ original sound – itsbaeily


3. @a_cat_named_panko is a ginger and white kitty from the Netherlands.


4. @thefruityfluffs are British cats named Kiwi and Peach. Peach is a gorgeous longhaired ginger cat.

5. @finthefold is a Scottish Fold with stunning yellow eyes that match his fur. 


Can’t resist squishing those cheeks #catsoftiktok #gingercat #cattok #scottishfold

♬ Mink Mink Mink – Misternificent 💫

6. @the_ginger_tom is a sophisticated UK-based ginger cat who is often seen wearing bows or kerchiefs. 

7. @beansthegingercat is a TikTok famous kitty who loves going on walks. 


Just Beans chilling in bed 😌 #foru #fyp #foryou #catsoftiktok #cats

♬ bad habit – wu ★

8. @roukylerouquin is a stripped ginger kitty who is often seen sunbathing and napping in France.

9. @cometandecho are two ginger cats of different shades who love to cuddle.

10. @pennythegingercat is an adorable kitty who loves to sleep face down. 


oh penny you’re still perfect… #fyp #catsoftiktok

♬ original sound – Penny 🐱

11. @charsiuso is another Scottish Fold who is just a few months old and lives in Canada!


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