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What’s Your Redheaded Spirit Animal?

In honor of National Pet Day, we had to ask: Who is your redheaded spirit animal?

1. Red Panda: Introvert, goofy & cuddly

These little creatures can’t help but look extraordinarily cuddly, and I’m sure the red fur is a major contributor to that.  Despite that appearance, red pandas spend a lot of their time alone, reserving their social times for mating season (perhaps how you spend your time, until bar hopping?). If you’re cuddly and a little goofy, but also tend to value solitude, you might just be a red panda.


2. Red Fox: Responsible, playful, good time

Often equal parts majestic and playful, these gorgeous red foxes embody that ever-mischievous side some of us redheads have in spades. They mate for lives and share the responsibilities of raising pups, proving that playful can still be responsible. If you’ve settled down but still know how to have a good time, you’re likely a red fox.


3. Red Retriever: Loyal, loving

A sometimes lesser-known member of the retriever family, these dogs are as loyal as they are gorgeous. They have all of the best qualities of retrievers, with the benefit of an even more beautiful coat of fur. If you’re good at what you do and stick by those you love, while also being a fabulous redhead, you’re probably a red retriever.


4. Summer Tanager: Like to stand out, known for making cameos

This is the most unique animal on our list as these birds are the only completely red bird in North America. The females create the nests, often with minimal help from the males and I’m sure there are those of us redheads who can commiserate with that life. Perhaps because of that, these birds tend to be in solitary most of the year. If you’re good at taking care of yourself and like to stand out from the crowd, the summer tanager is all you.


5. Ginger Tabby: Sassy, Friendly, Opinionated, Sweet & Loving

The sassiest animal on this list, these animals technically aren’t an actual breed, but their personalities are so distinct, they might as well be. Based on studies done, ginger cats are consistently the friendliest and most adorable of all cats. They don’t have the distance or attitude other cats are known to have, making them definitely top dogs of the cat world. If you’re sweet and love people, then we’ve found your spirit animal.


Who is your redheaded spirited animal? Rock it like a Redhead! 

Photo via Tumblr