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10 Animals That Prove They Can Rock It Like a Redhead Too

Animals have a way of touching the soft spot in your heart and when they also have red hair, it’s a double whammy. We put together photos from our followers’ submissions as well as other beautiful ‘ginger’ animals. Here are 9 gorgeous creatures who prove they can Rock it like a Redhead too!

1. “This is my trainer’s mare Gina. Our hair is the same color and she definitely has the personality of a redhead! She’s a spitfire and is always the one in charge. But, she’s also a huge girly girl and loves being brushed and having her hair done.” -K. Genzmer

This is the most adorable thing we’ve ever heard.


2. Orangutans, commonly found in Asia, are known for their vibrant hair. In Australia, they use the nickname ‘ranga’, short for orangutan, to refer to people with red hair.

‘Down under’ the nickname is used as frequently as ‘ginger’ and ‘redhead’ here in the States.


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3. Monkeys are known to be mischievous, fun-loving, inventive, entertaining and very energetic. 

Sounds like monkeys have a ton of personality, just like a redhead.


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4. Katy Perry has an adorable caramel-colored puppy named Butters.

And look! Butter has a redhead bestie.


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5. “‘Red cats have been dominant within the family hierarchy; often assuming the role of ‘alpha cat.’ Sarah Hartwell, of, likens the personality of orange cats to that of human redheads, with fiery, hot tempers when annoyed.” –Cats.About.Com.

Well, we won’t mess with the red ones.


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6. “Sitting all alone on a beach, this little seal is an outcast from the colony. Its crime? Having reddish-brown fur and the palest of blue eyes. The rest of its sleek black family took an instant dislike to the ginger pup, leaving it to fend for itself.” –Daily Mail 

Aw! Who wants to take him home?


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7. “Us redheads are portrayed to be strong, sassy and full of fire, and I couldn’t be more proud to live up to that expectation! We are proud to be gingers.” – S. Rimmer

Even redhead animals have ginger pride. 


8. “He is definitely a part of the How to be a Redhead family.” – Adrienne, Co-Founder about her 2-year-old redhead basset hound named Jack.

The How to be a Redhead shop might have to include special dog apparel in the future. 


9. A red haired bunny rabbit is extremely rare and only found in select parts of the world.

We know the feeling.


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10. We’re only guessing the term “redhead fox” comes from this gorgeous animal.

And we take the compliment with pride.



Rock it like a Redhead!