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5 Eczema Tips For Sensitive-Skinned Redheads This Winter

Fight Winter Eczema with These Tips

Winter is a rough time for those with eczema, especially if you’re a redhead. The cold, dry weather can cause flare-ups and it can be very painful. Check out these tips that are sensitive skin & redhead safe:

1. Keep moisturized

Keeping skin moisturized and nourished is essential for keeping it from drying out. In the winter months, you may want to opt for heavier products. Just remember to avoid fragrances, alcohol, and other irritating ingredients. 

2. Use a humidifier

Adding some humidity into your home can help to keep skin from drying out. Use a humidifier in rooms you spend long periods of time in like the bedroom, living room, and your home office. 

3. Avoid hot water when cold

It’s so tempting to hop in a hot shower when you’re cold from being outside, but this drastic temperature change can cause your eczema to act up. Instead wait until you’ve warmed up a bit before getting in the shower, and keep the temperature warm instead of hot. 

4. Adjust your diet

Studies have shown that certain foods can actually make your flare-ups worse. Avoiding high probiotic foods and items like milk, shellfish, or eggs are two ways your diet can impact eczema.

5. Opt for eczema targeting skincare

Sometimes it feels like you’ve done everything you can and your eczema is still going strong. The best thing to do is to take a look at your skincare products and make sure they are helping you in your fight. Look for products that specifically target eczema, and talk to a doctor about prescription-strength ointments.


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