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7 Foods That Will Boost Your Redhead Skin and Make You Glow

Coco Chanel once said, “You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty and irresistible for the rest of your life.”

This quote inspired me and that’s why I believe beauty rituals are essential, especially if you have sensitive redhead skin. Healthy skin is what we are striving for and as much as it is important to treat your skin with ‘Redhead Friendly’ products, it is as important to feed your body (and therefore your skin) with the right foods.

As a redhead with very sensitive skin, I tried many things to overcome skin issues like eczema. Once I learned how to eat the right foods, my body showed signs of happiness and began to heal from the inside out.

I’d like to share 7 red foods that changed my life, are recommended for redheads (friends and fans) and sensitive skin. And by the way these foods offer anti-inflammatory benefits too.

1. Red Cabbage 

This is probably my favorite. Red cabbage is so versatile and very affordable, too. Have you ever noticed that a red cabbage looks like a universe of stars when you cut it? Besides its happy color. Red cabbage belongs to the alkaline vegetables and is part of the Brassica family. It is rich in Vitamin C which strengthens not only our immunsystem but also our sensitive skin. It pays to switch from white cabbage to red cabbage because it contains twice as much fibre as its white relative and protective purple pigments. When consumed frequently, the violet pigments can protect the skin from UV rays.

2. Red Quinoa

Already the ancient Incas knew how good Quinoa is. It is a gluten-free seed, rich in protein, zinc, folate, iron, carbohydrates and antioxidants. The red quinoa is lower in carbohydrates than white quinoa and owe their rich color also to this special group of antioxidants called anthocyanins. As with many carbohydrate rich foods, they can affect your blood sugar levels. So, celebrate your redness with red quinoa, which will help, keeping your blood sugar levels steady.

3. Pomegranate 

This is an exotic fruit, high in Vitamin C and also in, yes you guessed it, anthocyanins. That’s why the red color. The little red seeds help to protect against inflammation. I add the seeds to my salad and also drink promegranate juice. Since then, my skin says thank you.

4. Red Onion

These in general are potent antioxidants, however the red onion is high in anthocyanins, the powerful antioxidant, and thats why the red onion lowers the blood sugar and helps producing collagen in the skin. Red Onions are also known to have strong anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, thanks to allicin, a sulphur compound, which gives onions their unique taste and smell.

5. Purple salad leaves

You might know that eating dark leafy greens is healthy for you but a plate of purple and red leafs are super powerful. But why? The purple and red pigments are caused by a special group of antioxidants called anthocyanins, which make the purple salad leafs even more powerful than green ones. The purple pigment in the salad leaves are natures sunscreen because this pigment is protective. The purple antioxidants offer a mild sun protection from the inside out, are anti-cancerous and have anti-inflammatory properties.

6. Beetroot

is an important vegetable for eczema patients because it is highly alkalising and thus supports liver function. These red roots are potent in iron, folate and antioxidants. Experts even say that beet root can detoxify our body and blood when consumed often.

7. Carrots

You probably already know that the carrot is great for your health. A lot of carrot porridge can turn (especially babies) skin into an orange glow. This orange root is low in calories and high in vitamins and antioxidants. Would you be surprised to learn that carrots are also great for your skin and complexion? Add a few more to your salads and soups or snack them in between because their beta-carotene will give your skin a glow and could help the skin appear more firm and plump.

Why did I not mention tomatoes?

Your are probably wondering why tomatoes are not on my list of favorite red foods. Yes, tomatoes are healthy and contain a lot of lycopene, a carotenoid found in different types of fruits, hence the flaming red color. Lycopene are powerful and help preventing the risk of sunburn and stimulate collagen production. But in my case, too many tomatoes in a salad trigger my eczema. Tomatoes are nightshade plants and scientists have found  that most nightshades contain high levels of salicylates, amines and natural glutamates which can cause pain and skin inflammation. In my case I react to salicylates in foods, and that’s why to tomatoes. My eczema clears up when I avoid them.

The goal is happy redhead skin and it’s achievable. The best thing redheads can do is find your tolerance level to make sure you can indulge in a tomato salad or eat only a thin slice.

Rock it like a Redhead!


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