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Why Redheads Should Absolutely Not Be “Sunscreen Contouring”

Learn Why This Viral TikTok Hack Isn't Redhead-Approved

There’s another viral skin “hack” circulating on TikTok and this one involves something redheads know and love…sunscreen. Creators on the app have been using sunscreen to reverse contour so their skin gets tan in the areas you would normally apply a bronzer.

Here’s what we know about this “hack” and why it’s potentially damaging: 

Where it all started 

One TikToker (not a redhead) shared a technique in which she applies an initial layer of SPF 30 to her entire face and then layers a thicker SPF 90 to its high points. The results, she claims, make your face look “naturally snatched”—a term makeup-lovers use to reference a sharp contour and a large amount of perfectly-placed highlighter.

The original viral video has racked up almost 2 million likes and thousands of comments in total.

Why it’s dangerous

There isn’t much proof to show that this hack works, and even if it did we’re sorry to say it’s not redhead-approved. Redheads are far more likely to develop skin cancer and this hack leaves the skin vulnerable to UV rays and sun damage. Plus, most redheads cannot tan and this hack will probably result in streaks of red burns.

The reality is that this “hack” isn’t worth the damage it could cause. When headed outside, an SPF of at least 30 should be applied all over the entire face. All areas of your face don’t get the same amount of sunlight, so trying to control that exposure through varying SPF levels is impossible.

Find other ways to contour

In short, treating sunscreen like a highlighter will not give you the protection you need. But, if you still want that natural contour look without applying makeup, try contouring with a self-tanner. It will give you a glowy contoured look that will last way longer than makeup and you won’t get any sun damage

Make sure you’re applying plenty of sunscreen from head to toe, and always reapplying. It’s the best way to keep your sensitive redhead skin safe from the sun.

Rock it like a Redhead!


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