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Alyssa Showalter

Why Redheads are Radiant Human Beings

Here's the confidence boost we all need

By: Alyssa Showalter

There are many reasons why redheads are radiant. It’s obvious to many why we are. To those who are probably having trouble believing such a bold statement, let me explain.

I know what it felt like to be a teenager. To grow up surrounded by both guys and girls with brown or blonde hair, skin that tanned, and the ability to wear whatever they wanted. I know and I had been there. However, I was lucky enough to surround myself with friends and family that saw the amazing features that redheads have.

It took a lot of proof to really show me that I was indeed awesome.

Senior year I had been nominated for “Best Hair”. No, that’s not an accomplishment that I write on my resume, but it is a personal compliment. The fact that I was nominated spoke louder to me than anything that had ever been said to me. I didn’t win. Two blondes won for my class of ’09, but that’s not the point. It was the fact that I was thought of and nominated woke me up.

“Really?” … “WAIT, WHAT?” 

Comparing myself to my sisters and mom was what drove me down a very bad road. The fact that it ate me up inside that I didn’t look like my mom or sisters just annoyed me. However, I know that I am just as equally desirable. But at 16, you don’t think like that. At 16, you want to be like everyone else. Dress like Kim Kardashian, have skin like Beyonce, and hair like another celebrity out there.

However, you realize we redheads continue to look younger, even past our milestone ages. Our skin makes us the look of magical fairy or mermaid, and our hair really does match. I know for some, it takes time to get used to the freckles, but trust me, you will. I know I would feel weird and awkward without them.

If you are having one of those days, and trust me, we all do. Take the time to remember a moment that someone fell in love with your red hair at first glance. I have many stories to tell, many humorous, about when people fell in love with my hair. If that doesn’t help, ask yourself if you would be truly happy with another hair color. Maybe for a moment, but deep down, we all know red hair is something to be proud of. My desire for purple hair is passed me, and now I work very hard to keep my natural red hair flaming bright.

Rock it like a Redhead!