The main star of the movie Carrie, Chloe Grace Moretz, will play the mermaid and recently spoke with ET about the new “modern, revisionist tale.”

“We’re making it progressive for young women in this day and age,” Moretz explained at the KIIS-FM iHeartRadio Jingle Ball concert on Friday night.

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What does that mean for the classic character we all love so much? The biggest difference will be the hair color.

Moretz has said that she had wanted to dye her hair bright red to match Disney’s iconic mermaid Ariel but, will not because the movie is being based off The Little Mermaid novel by Hans Christian Andersen. “So, I’ll actually have blonde hair,” she shared.

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Regardless, Moretz said that she’s very excited to bring this new version of the famous mermaid movie to the big screen and felt elated she felt when she first found out she had been cast. “When I got the call, I rolled the windows down in the car with my brother and we both screamed!” Moretz recounted. “It was a very exciting moment!”

We find it a bit sad that The Little Mermaid’s main character will not be a redhead — the mermaid persona has become part of redheads’ identity across the globe; especially when we hear Moretz wanted to go red for the film.

Watch the interview below then comment below and tell us what do you think about this!

UPDATE: 1-18-16

Chloe Grace Moretz felt the backlash from redheads (and fans) everywhere when the news broke that Ariel in the new The Little Mermaid may not have red hair.

A month later, Moretz clarified to Entertainment Tonight about her comment regarding the color of her character’s hair, “I literally just said it in passing. I wasn’t even being super meaningful about it. I was like, ‘I don’t even know what it’s going to be!’ It could be blue for all I know.”

UPDATE: 3-12-17

Moretz has pulled from the film, and it is official: Ariel will not be a redhead. Get the news here.