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This UK Movie Theater Gave Out Free Movie Tickets for Redheads

An Instagram post from Showcase Cinemas read ‘free tickets for redheads on the hottest days ever’

The UK experienced increased temperatures last week, with temperatures reaching up to 104º Fahrenheit. In a normally mild climate, many homes are not equipped for such heat, which can leave residents seeking out cooler temperatures elsewhere. One popular place amongst those seeking air conditioning is the movie theater

One movie theater chain called Showcase Cinema even offered free movie tickets for redheads! They advertised “Free tickets for redheads on the hottest days ever,” on Instagram. It prompted many Britons to tag their red-haired friends and family members in the comments section so they would not miss out on the offer to cool off in an air-conditioned venue amid the national emergency. 

“Since redheads are often more vulnerable than most to the sun’s rays, we’re giving them shelter from the sun inside our fully air conditioned cinema screens,” Showcase said in a statement. The company told The Washington Post that it was looking forward to seeing “how many redheads take us up on the opportunity.”

The promotion on their social media using images of redhead stars we all know and love from our favorite films. 

Redheads are far more likely to get sunburnt and even develop skin cancer. But, heat of this scale is dangerous for anyone. Hundreds of people have died in recent days as a punishing heat wave sweeps Britain, France, Spain and Portugal. It’s nice to hear a small business is recognizing us redheads. The UK has one of the largest redhead populations in the world, so we hope lots of redheads got to use this perk and cool off when temperatures were soaring. 

If you’re a redhead living in the UK, make sure to keep an eye out if temperatures rise again. The offer, for redheads only, expired last wee but this chain obviously cares a great deal about redheads. We wouldn’t be surprised if they offered something similar in the future.


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