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The Ultimate Guide to Fall Weddings for Redheads

This is everything you need to know if you're a redhead bride during the autumn season

Being a bride is an amazing time in your life, but it can get a little overwhelming with all the choices you have to make. Being a redhead bride, you might want to ensure your red hair is the star of the show and everything complements it. Check out these tips for redhead brides in the fall season:

1. Pick your colors

The wedding colors you choose can set the tone for the whole event. These are the colors you’ll find in your decor and at your bridal party. You want your colors to represent you and your partner and your personal style while still complimenting your look for photos. 

Some gorgeous fall color options for redheads include mustard, cabernet, navy blue, emerald green, and rust. 

2. Buying THE dress

A lot of redheads feel as though they should stay away from wearing white in their daily lives because it washes out their fair redhead skin. Even if you don’t normally wear white, chances are you will want to for your wedding. Just remember that wedding dresses come in all shades of white so you’re bound to find one that flatters your skin tone. 

If you’re concerned about the colors, ask your bridal stylist to show you color options while you’re dress shopping, and try on different white tones to get an idea of how they look on your skin.

If you want to say no to white, that’s okay too. Many brides are opting for light shades of ‘Redhead Friendly’ colors – like periwinkle purple and champagne beige.

3. Select your hair and makeup time 

It’s important to do a trial with your hair and makeup artists before the big day. Doing a trial will allow you to decide what styles you want and also allow your team to ensure they have all the right supplies needed to accommodate your hair and skin color. Look for inspiration photos of people with similar skin tones to bring to your trial, and don’t be afraid to speak up if something doesn’t look right.

Be sure to check your makeup from all angles during and after your trial. The last thing you want is your makeup being the wrong shade in your wedding photos. If you have makeup products you love, you can also bring them to have your makeup artist use them on your face. 

4. Plan your photos 

Making decisions about where and at what time you’ll take your photos is important. You want to make sure that the natural lighting is flattering to your skin tone, and you’ll want to ensure you aren’t in an area where the light will wash you out. Talk with your photographer beforehand and make sure they are skilled in doing their normal editing on all skin tones.

If close attention isn’t paid during the photos you can end up looking ghostly, especially if your partner, family members, or bridal party are much darker than you. 


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