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6 Redhead Makeup Trends and Beauty Inspiration for 2022

Celebrate the new year with these new redhead trends!

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A new year is a special time of the year for resolutions, changes and an opportunity to find your perfect redhead makeup look. These are our predictions for top ‘Redhead Friendly’ makeup trends for redheads in 2022: 

1. Multi-Colored Eyeshadow

We know your red hair makes your look pop, but go a step further with bold eyeshadow. Keep things interesting with a bold and colorful eyeshadow look that is sure to turn heads. Pair it with “look at me” lashes and a nude lip to let the eyes pop.

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2. Bold Red Lip

Go bold for your first days in 2022 with a bold red lip. Pair your favorite red with simple eye makeup and a glowy foundation for a glam finish. 

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3. Bold Eyebrows 

This trend is here to stay! Rock perfect redhead eyebrows with Finally Have Brows – the tinted redhead eyebrow gel. 

4. Dark Winged Liner

Add a little definition to your eyes with some dark-winged liner. Pair it with flawless face makeup and your favorite lipstick for a classic style. 

5. Pink Champagne Tones

Don’t want to go bold? Try this minimalist blush look that will make your hair and eyes pop. Pair it with a coordinating lip color. 

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6. Subtle Smokey Eye

Add a little mystery with a sexy, sultry smokey eye. Go dark or keep it light depending on your mood. 

Rock it like a Redhead!