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6 Redhead Makeup Trends and Beauty Inspiration for 2022

Celebrate the new year with these new redhead trends!

A new year is a special time of the year for resolutions, changes and an opportunity to find your perfect redhead makeup look.

This year, there’s a very obvious nod to the early aughts— colorful eyeshadow and thinner brows have made a comeback. But celebrities, influencers, and the TikTok community have also made some new redhead-looks go mainstream. With everything from faux freckles to blonde eyebrows popping up on social media. Yes, celebrities are bleaching their eyebrows blonde and also dying their red red. It’s clear that the beauty world has upped the ante on experimentation and expression. Could this be inspired by the pandemic? Perhaps.

While bold lips and over-the-top eyes are front and center, eyebrows are perhaps thinner but bolder this go round.  “Redhead eyebrows have been difficult for so many of us,” co-founder of How to be a Redhead, Adrienne explains. “We couldn’t find products on the market and everything was too brown, taupe and even… gray. Finally Have Brows has changed the game.”

Finally Have Brows is the new eyebrow line consisting of an eyebrow pencil, and two eyebrow gels — all created by How to be a Redhead. More to come on this. So unzip your makeup bag, grab your *clean* brushes, and keep scrolling. We’re breaking down the biggest, best, and most innovative redhead makeup looks that are bound to take over in 2022.

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These are our predictions for top ‘Redhead Friendly’ makeup trends for redheads in 2022: 

1. Bold Eyebrows with Finally Have Brows

This trend is here to stay! Rock perfect redhead eyebrows with Finally Have Brows – the tinted redhead eyebrow gel. Now available in Longwearing, Volumizing and a pencil version, the Ultra Fine Redhead Brow Pencil. Shop the trio here. 

In shade Universal Red, all redheads can use this shade! The brush-on eyebrow gel tints, locks & tames redhead brows in a single stroke. It is long-wearing & natural-looking. Go from no brows to “hello, brows” in 5 seconds.

redhead eyebrows


2. Colored Mascara with Finally Have Lashes + Multi-Colored Eyeshadow

We know your red hair makes your look pop, but go a step further with bold eye makeup.

First up, we dropped the Finally Have Lashes line in three different shades: auburn, brown and black. They’re paraben-free, cruelty-free, non-GMO, vegan, made in the USA and designed for sensitive redheads. It is also made without alcohol, gluten, oil, paragons, phthalates, silicones or talc.  This clean formula is optimized with an hourglass brush to glide through lashes, separating and coating them with a classic redheads shades.

Once you use Finally Have Lashes in your desired shade(s), keep things interesting with a bold and colorful eyeshadow look that is sure to turn heads. Pair it with “look at me” lashes and a nude lip to let the eyes pop.

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Finally Have Lashes Update:

Finally Have Lashes is new & improved! With a new brush, updated formula + new H2BAR Extension Technology®, curl, lift & lengthen your lashes with a sensitive-friendly formula. Two new shades are introduced to the line so you can expand your selection of redhead mascara. Shop the Finally Have Lashes line now

3. Bold Red Lip

Go bold for your first days in 2022 with a bold red lip. Pair your favorite red with simple eye makeup and a glowy foundation for a glam finish. 

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lipstick for redheads

4. Dark Winged Liner

Add a little definition to your eyes with some dark-winged liner. Pair it with flawless face makeup and your favorite lipstick for a classic style. 

redhead makeup tricks

5. Pink Champagne Tones

Don’t want to go bold? Try this minimalist blush look that will make your hair and eyes pop. Pair it with a coordinating lip color. 

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6. Subtle Smokey Eye

Add a little mystery with a sexy, sultry smokey eye. Go dark or keep it light depending on your mood. 

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Rock it like a Redhead!