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Red Hair: What Shade Are You?

On a weekly basis, How to be a Redhead posts a “Redhead of the Week.” With so many applicants per day, it is hard for us to feature everyone. We love every entry because each redhead is unique in their own way; unique personalities, unique hair colors & unique stories.

Can you identify with any of these redheads? Do you have a similar hair color? Do you identify with their redhead life stories?

From upper left to right

Callie: “People always ask why I am pale and my response is always ‘…because I am a hot redhead!’ I am so proud of my red hair and my heritage.”

Meredith: “I have long, wavy, strawberry blonde hair. I love to wear it in braids and buns and updos that my friends think are incredible. I love to curl it and wear it straight (it looks so shiny). When I was younger, people would tease me about being a ‘ginger.’ They would make fun of my paleness and say I had no soul. I never felt like I fit in with the other girls, even though I had plenty of friends. Whenever we would have a school picnic, everyone else would lay out and tan, while I would sit in the shade and put on SPF 110. I felt like such an outcast. I even got a spray tan for the school dance. Looking back, it was completely ridiculous. Now love my porcelain skin and coppery locks. I take special care of my red hair in the summer so my hair doesen’t get too blonde. The person who helped me the most was my redhead friend, Anna. Having a fellow redhead as a friend made realize that, yes I was different, but I wasn’t a freak of nature. Now that I’m older I finally figured out that I’m just like everyone else, I just happen to have gorgeous hair.”

Jordan: “I am a southern redhead from the backwoods of west Georgia. I am a passionate hunter and my hair provides the best orange protection of all when I’m in the woods. When I found How To Be A Redhead, I knew it was perfect for me! I am in love with my hair and do everything to keep it vibrantly red! It’s my pride and joy.”

Alex: “I’ve always loved my red hair and the endless compliments. People always ask if it real and it always makes me smile. The pale skin is painful at times but I’ve learned to love it so much.”

Ambrea: “I have never once felt ashamed of being a redhead. I have always loved it and always embraced it. Now that I am 23, it is something I take pride in and I take care of my hair so that I can have it for as long as possible.”

Frédérique: “I am 5-years-old and love being a redhead in all respects!” (sent in from her mother, Rachel)  

Ashley: “I wouldn’t change my hair for anyone because it is part of who I am and no matter what insults people say about my red hair, I love it.”

Rachel: “Well I love being a redhead. I love to lead by example and show others they should love their hair, no matter what color they have.”

Karrigan: “How to be a Redhead’s slogan is ‘Red hair is more than a color, it’s a lifestyle.’ That could not be more true. To me, it’s not just a radiant color, it is a statement of who I am. It says, ‘I am different, and I am beautiful.’ I will always be proud to be a redhead.”


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