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Ginger and Proud: Why Are You Thankful for Being a Redhead?

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and many redheads have faced being called names like “redheaded step child,” “carrot top,” “ranga” and “fire crotch.”  Even celebrity redheaded Julianne Moore has admitted to being bullied about her appearance by schoolmates, but she now comments on her red hair saying that she has grown to love being different.


Usually, this type of bullying occurs in schools because redheads are in the minority and are a target because of their fiery red hair. The best thing a redhead can do if they face bullying is have confidence in themselves and others will begin to, too.

Stephanie, Co-Founder, of How to be a Redhead said, “All redheads have faced bullying, Adrienne and I sure did. But, what we discovered is that there are so many beautiful reasons why we’re thankful to be redheads; a few of them being that we’re unique and instantly recognized! Red hair truly is a girls best accessory.” 

Once those young, teenage days are long gone, redheads quickly discover that the one thing that caused ridiculing in school, now turns heads and has  men and women gawking. But, most importantly, redheads (if not done so in an earlier age) begin to embrace and find confidence because they are redheads. In fact, so many women want to feel like “sexy” and “powerful” and opt to be “redheads by choice.”


Photo Credit: Kara Kochalko, © How to be a Redhead