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Four Tips for Building Your Confidence – Celebrity Photographer Gives Confidence Advice

Veronica Yankowski is a celebrity photographer who has shot Dina Manzo from the Bravo TV show, “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” and was recently featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine for her boudoir photography.

She is known as “The Redhead Photographer” and everyone around her recognizes and loves the confidence that oozes out of her. She has red hair ‘by choice,’ but has channeled her inner redhead and has a message for all redheads who feel insecure about themselves, “I wish natural redheads knew how special their hair is! Red hair is portrayed by others as immediate confidence. In fact, I think I should have been born a redhead because it suits my personality and skintone. I have been a redhead for 13 years and will never turn back.”

Veronica shared four tips for building confidence:

1. “Confidence comes with age and experience. I didn’t feel as confident at 20 as I do now. Some things just don’t bother me like when I was younger. For the younger girls, you will grow into your skin more and more with age.”

2. “I haven’t predicted anything in my career. It is my goal for my work to be global and reach women of all ages. The lesson here is, you need to role with the punches because not everything will go as planned. Continue to work hard, believe in yourself and when the time is right, magic will happen.”

3. “Be comfortable with who you are and you will be happy.”

4. “Don’t spend too much time on the things you don’t like about yourself. Instead, focus and celebrate the good qualities about your personality and talents. I always suggest that natural redheads tell themselves over and over again, ‘I have awesome hair. I have awesome freckles!’ If you use this trick, you’ll begin to believe it and others will then love your natural qualities too.”