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The Power of A Ginger: Benefits of the Red Hot Root

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“We redheads are a minority, we tend to notice each other ; you know, and notice our identity. We should start our own celebrity Redhead organization,” said Julianne Moore in speaking with Conan O’Brian.

It’s true. Redheads (especially How to be a readers) should stick together, especially since there are great benefits to being a ‘ginger.’

Throughout every natural redheads life, one will be called ‘red,’ ‘fire,’ ‘ginger,’ and a lot more, but not many realize there are benefits to having the red hot root.


It’s a known fact that redheads don’t turn grey. As aging occurs, the red hairs will first turn a neutral, blondish color, and then turn to white, completely skipping the grey color. Some don’t even turn white, they’ll remain a light blonde.


It seems a bit ridiculous, but in Poland, it is believed that if if you pass three redheads you’ll win the state lottery.


It has been said that Greeks died their hair red to show courage and even in this modern day, women go red to show their inner fire. Redheads are instantly noticed and regarded as fun, fiery and unstoppable.


Many natural redheads have beautiful, pale porcelain skin, but sometimes see it more as a curse than a blessing. A tan may look good on other women, but too much time out in the sun can be risky .If you’re pale, you’re not designed to be out in the sun! Opt to wear lots of sunscreen, hat and stay in the shade if you’re outside. If you take special care of your skin, you’ll notice that your skin will age gracefully and you’ll be forever flawless.

Do you know of any more benefits? Share yours below!


Photo Credit: Kara Kochalko,  © How to be a Redhead