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Carmina Alvarez

Natural Mexican Redhead: “Having Natural Red Hair is Something To Flaunt”

By: Carmina Alvarez

I am from Mexico with natural red hair. Growing up, I had heard many hispanics have red hair, but I am the only one in my community.

As a teenager, I felt like an outcast and was the target of a lot of jokes. I was even tempted on dying my hair a dark brown color just to “fit in,” but but my mom would never allow me to do so. She would say, “You are the prettiest girl in all the school and you stand out in a ‘sea of people’ that all look alike!”

As I grew older, I understood that having natural red hair is not something to be ashamed of and is something that should be flaunted.

My advice to girls who feel this way: do not feel bad about your hair color. Even if you “don’t fit the mold” and you have more olive toned skin, it doesn’t matter. You should be proud of your red hair.

There are recent studies that say that red hair is the most coveted hair color and millions of dollars of sales are to purchase red hair dye. So, you are completely blessed for being born with beautiful red hair.

Remember to take good care of your red hair by using proper ‘Redhead Friendly’ approved shampoos and conditioners and always Rock it like a Redhead!