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Podcast S5 Ep 25: Redheads + Tattoos, Do We Feel More Pain?

What redheads need to know before getting their next tattoo, how to choose a tattoo artist, and more!

We have done many episodes and posted many articles on about redheads feeling more pain, or feeling pain differently. As a redhead, it’s something you might have experienced without knowing it was uniquely a redhead thing. 

Since we know getting tattoos can be painful, we had to dedicate an entire episode to this topic and Adrienne + Stephanie’s guest this week is Lyndi Lou. She is a natural redhead, tattoo artist, and owner of Mama Tried Tattoo Parlour in Louisville, Kentucky. She is also a painter & wood burner.

Follow her on Instagram: @lyndilou

In this episode, Adrienne + Stephanie talk about what it was like for Lyndi growing up, how her personal style has impacted her tattoo style and designs, and what redheads need to know before choosing a tattoo artist. 

Of course, we they touched on the topic of pain and how redheads feel pain differently. Lyndi shares how she prepares clients who are hesitant about getting a tattoo because of the pain factor, and they even talk about something a little more painful…tattoo removal.

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