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How to Try the Latest & Greatest ‘Redhead Friendly’ Products for Free

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There is a constant stream of new beauty products hitting the shelves practically every day and who doesn’t love trying the latest and greatest?

But before you break the bank buying full sized products that may or may not work for your redhead skin and hair, get savvy with samples!

Did you know?

1. Many cosmetic lines like Clinique will happily offer you a generous sample at their counters for you to try before you buy.

2. Sephora carries a wide array of products from makeup, skin care and hair care and are fantastic about making you a sample of anything you desire to test drive at home.

3. Other fantastic ways to try out new products are to be found on cool websites like and where you can purchase a membership fees usually range from $10 to $30 per month ) to receive packages of high end and new products in handy sample sizes every month. Wow. How fun is that?

Ladies, before you spend your hard earned cash on every tempting new product, serve up the samples and find out the products that are best for you red life.


Three Ways To Rock The Neon Look

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So many celebrities (including our lovely redhead celebrities) have been rockin’ neon. Since neon colors are bright and bold it is important to know how to wear these colors with your red hair without having a fashion emergency!

1. Choose the right fashion pieces. Opt to wear bold neon pants or jeans with a plain top like the fabulous Christina Hendricks in the photo below. Make sure to not wear neon colors on the top and bottom or else there will be major clash with your red locks.

2. Accessorize your outfit with amazing neon pieces. This summer is all about having fun, so make sure to wear great accessories that make a statement. It is very chic to wear a non-neon colored outfit and use the neon accessories to pump up the look.

3. Get wild with some great makeup. Before heading out the door, apply some poppin’ red neon lipgloss and paint those nails a funky color.

If you’re wearing lots of neon, tame down your makeup. If your outfit is plain, rev up your look with glamorous makeup.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

Get The Look

For the Sporty Gals: Get Missy Franklin's Look!

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One our favorite athletes who participated in the 2012 Summer Olympics is the redhead gold medalist summer, Missy Franklin.

Not only is Missy an amazing athlete, but she is an excellent role model for all gingers. Her fiery confidence is contagious and inspiring and we couldn’t ask for a better ambassador for redheads on the world stage.

No matter if Missy is having a last minute interview or hitting the red carpet, she is always sure to look beautiful but still sporty. Get her look with easy, do-it-yourself steps:


1. The Natural Look: Missy always has a flawless look and it’s so easy to look the same. Choose a loose powder that will cover up any skin imperfections, fits perfectly in your sports bag and one that is great for light complexions, like Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Loose PowderAlso, opt for a lipgloss that will make your look complete and beautiful. We love Bare Escentuals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss because it is natural looking but adds a great sparkle.

2. Gorgeous Teeth: Missy’s teeth are always sparkling white and it’s a good thing because it is the one thing the audiences around the world notice (besides her amazing swimming skills)! Do you want to make your teeth white like hers in a matter of days? Use Crest White Strips Premium. You’ll notice your red hair will stand out even more because of your beautifully white teeth.

3. Add Some Spunk:  Missy is always sure to wear different nail colors and pearl earrings in order to add some femininity and style to her look. Choose some awesome nail polish colors to spunk up your look. Choose colors like OPI Blue My Mind and RGB Nails Too Red. And rock some gorgeous pearl stud earrings that are sport friendly.

4. Protect That Skin: As a redhead, Missy is always sure to apply sunscreen (especially when she swims outside!). Choose one that is great for athletes like the Banana Boat Sport Performance Sunscreen in SPF 30.

Thank you Missy for not only representing our nation, but all awesome redheads around the world.

Keep Rocking it like a Redhead, girl!


Fall Makeup Trend for Redheads: Peacock Eyeshadow!

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Beautiful earth tone eye makeup was featured at the Dior, Burberry and Vivienne Tam fall runway shows and these colors are very ‘redhead friendly!’ Earth tones look fantastic on all redheads because they look dramatic and smokey without ever looking over-done.

The best thing about this trend is that it is very versatile. A redhead can either go for the earthy, everyday look or choose a bright, eye popping color. Learn how to achieve this look below:

1. SUBTLE “EARTHY” EYE MAKEUP: Turn to the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in ‘Bronze.’ Use the lighter shades to define and highlight under the brow bone area then apply the coppery shades for the eyelids. To really make lashes really pop, use a thin liner brush to apply the darkest brown shade right at your lash line then apply a generous coat of mascara.

2. EYE POPPING, BRIGHT EYE MAKEUP: Roberto Cavalli featured “Peacock Eyes” on his models this fall using rich, iridescent shadows in the hues of the bird plumes. The shades of a peacock feathers are naturally complimentary to a redhead’s fiery locks and this statement will be gorgeous on every ginger girl! My favorite pallet to achieve this colorful look is NARS ” High Society.” This combo of lilac, green and amethyst will look amazing with redhead coloring. You can get creative by using the lilac on the eyelids on one day and shade with green the next; play and achieve a look that is uniquely your own!

This fall, express yourself with the latest eyeshadow looks and go bold with brown or show off your true colors with bright hues.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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Quick Trick to Keep Your Ivory Skin Safe From Bug Bites

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It has been proven that redheads are most prone to mosquito bites. The cure? Lemon Eucalyptus Oil.


Before going outside in the hot weather, rub Lemon Eucalyptus Oil on your skin to protect yourself from nasty bug bites. You will no longer suffer from huge, infected mosquito bites.

Next time you’re at the grocery store or sporting goods store, buy it. It is cheap and it will save your sensitive skin in a jiffy.

It is also recommended that if you’re outside for a long while, to combine the oil with some bug spray in order to protect your skin perfectly. Although, redheaded skin is super sensitive, so try the combination on your hands or feet to see if it works well for you.

Keep beautifully red & Rock it like a Redhead!