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Olivia Volpe

Back to School Clothes & Outfit Essentials for Redheads

By: Olivia Volpe

As children across the country lament at having to return to school this month, it’s also the perfect time for redheads to take a cue from the prep school handbook and style our wardrobe with these fall essentials:

There’s something different for every redhead out there and whether you like to dress chic with an athletic twist or classic “prepster,” remember to always Rock it like a Redhead! 


Interview with Three-Time Golden Globe Award Winner, Joanna Cassidy

Redhead celebrity Joanna Cassidy is winner of three Golden Globe Awards, a Canadian Screen Award and a two-time Primetime Emmy Nominee. The famous redhead actress has appeared in hundreds of television series and movies. She is known for her roles in “Blade Runner,” “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?,” “Six Feet Under” and the current hit, “Bones.”

Off-camera, Joanna is devoted to her art (painting, sculpting) and is a dedicated animal activist as well as golfer and antique collector. She presently resides in Los Angeles with her dogs.

She sat down with How to be a Redhead to discuss her successful career, red hair and beauty secrets.

H2BAR: Did you always know you were going to be an actress?

JC: No, not at all. I wanted to be a scientist or an artist. I sort of strolled into it from modeling, which is funny how it all started. I came to Los Angeles and in between modeling chores and occasional commercial gigs, I began working as an actress and was cast in many roles; some being Steve McQueen’s thriller “Bullitt” and my first co-starring role opposite George C. Scott in the offbeat comedy caper “Bank Shot.”

H2BAR: What do you love most about being an actress? 

JC: The fun times on set.

H2BAR: You must get your hair and make-up done on set a lot. What is your go-to makeup and hair look while you are on and off set?

JC: Makeup is heavier on set for digital cameras and that’s why I have to wear a lot more. At home, I go very natural and never wear base makeup.

H2BAR: In some roles you play a blonde and others you play a redhead. How do you switch up your makeup for each color?

JC: When I am back to my natural red roots, I choose darker red lipsticks.

H2BAR: On the hit HBO TV series “Sex Feet Under” you played the feisty Margaret Chenowith. You worked with two other redheads on set, Lauren Ambrose and Frances Conroy. Tell us about that experience! 

JC: I loved all the redheads on that show! Both Lauren and Frances are wonderful actresses and are very passionate.. it must be because of their red hair [Joanna jokes].

H2BAR:  What “redhead friendly” color is found most in your wardrobe? 

JC: Indigo blue.

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 2.51.39 PM

H2BAR: What products are a must for your everyday life? 

JC: Yonka Skincare products are fantastic. I also love Jan Marini‘s sunscreen.

H2BAR: What’s your favorite actress role? 

JC: It’s a tough question! It’s a toss up between “Six Feet Under” and “Call Me Fitz” which is on HBO in Canada. In “Call Me Fitz,” I play this outrageous mother and it’s a really fun role.

H2BAR: What is one makeup product that you will buy over-and-over again?

JC: As all redheads know, filling in the brows is a must and Maybelline has a great selection of brown eye pencils

H2BAR: What’s in store for you for the remainder of 2013 and 2014?

JC: I am quite busy! I have two films coming out and “Bones” just renewed its ninth season which will premiere on September 16, 2013. I also have an independent film that will be released in 2014. 

H2BAR: Why do you love being a redhead?

JC: I have natural redish-brownish hair and the color suits my eyes very well. I am a redhead! It’s my personality. It’s all of me.

H2BAR: What advice do you have for women who want to be an actress like you? 

JC: My advice is to be good and be persistent, but most of all, you have to be good.

Jacqueline Arthur

Fall Fashion Essentials for Redheads

By: Jacqueline Arthur 

It is officially September! Can you believe it?

This year has flown by and we are approaching the fall season. It’s time for most to go back to school, cooler climates, countdown to Christmas, hot chocolate… and a wardrobe change. As the leaves turn to a rusty red hue, jeweled tones and deeper “redhead friendly” colors are all the rage. Get ready to embrace it!

Here are wardrobe staples for this fabulous season that will help us looking fierce and foxy..and school-ready too!

1. Trench Coat 

A trench coat is an absolutely classic fashion piece. The shape is super-flattering and suits all body types because it pulls in the waist and gives a super-feminine hourglass shape. Wearing a trench coat will smarten up any ensemble and we’ll look sensational in a classic cut with many different colors. It is recommended that redheads opt for the classic beige or go for darker colors, like black and blue.

You’ll be bound to make a lasting impression while walking around campus.

2. Hat 

Hats are the best way to rock red locks! Wearing a hat will instantly make you stand out from the crowd. If you’re heading off to college/university for the first time, this is the perfect occasion for re-invention and taking fashion risks, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles. Remember: If you’re unsure of what hat looks best on you, opt for colors that complement your complexion. Greens are our go-to color and will instantly make your red hair pop.

3. Knitwear 

I love living in a colder country because when the weather gets really wintry, I can get cozy in an oversized cardigan or sweater. It’s always important to have a comfortable cardigan in your closet that you can throw over your outfit before you head out to class. When it comes to knitwear, you can’t go wrong with choosing neutral colors because it’s a classic look when paired with vibrant hair.

4. Boots 

It pains me to say this, but campus or city college-life is not always the place for heels. With all the walking a student does, it’s important to have a pair of  knee high boots. They are comfortable and chic, and look lovely whether you use them to tuck in skinny jeans or match with a skirt.

5. Bag 

You may not think about it, but carrying a handbag or wearing a backpack can also help accentuate your red hair. With so many different colors, patterns and designs on the market, the options are endless. A dark green or black leather handbag is an accessory that will never go out of style and will instantly add an extra element of elegance to any ensemble. Tip: You can give your handbag a completely different look by tying a scarf around the handle. Each time your change the scarf, your bag will take on a completely new look.

Rock it like a Redhead!


Get Vibrant

ASK RONA: How to Cover White Hair – Tips for Vibrant Red Hair at Any Age

QUESTION: Hi Rona! I am trying to find a solution to white-turning red hair. So far, I’ve attempted both salon and home color rejuvenations which both fade quickly.  I am searching for a staying color like Susan Sarandon but I am constantly covering my white hair. What are my choices for reasonably priced, natural red hair? Usually, the advice is to color lighter than your original hair color. For blondes and brunettes, that is obvious– but what about redheads? -Teri 

Most natural redheads turn white, not gray, so this is a typical question! Depending on the amount of white hair you have will have a lot to do with how you color and maintain your hair for the best results. More white usually is a faster fade. Lighter red shades fade faster, especially if they are lighter than your natural color,” Rona shares.

Take the following advice to your hairstylist:

1. If you have more than 50% white:

Keep your red shade a little bit lighter so the regrowth doesn’t show too quickly. This will allow you to stretch out your root touch-ups. Use a demi-permanent color to refresh color through the ends which will also create less damage and help color last longer.

2. If you are less than 30% white:

…and don’t mind a little bit of white/gray in-between colorings, red highlights in three shades are the best. They provide low maintenance and give natural results. In fact, I have clients that I touch up every 3 to 5 months with this process. Shade number 1 is lighter to camouflage the white hair (level 8 or 9 in a golden red for sparkle). Shade number 2 is a brighter, medium copper (level 8 or 7). Shade number 3 would be close to your natural tone and should be woven through the hair in a chunkier pattern to break up the white hair as well as cover them and keep within your natural level.

READ: 10 Root Cover-Up Products for Redheads 

Remember: Your most important at-home maintenance is a shampoo and conditioner “for color-treated” hair to prevent fading.

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    Meet The Shreve Family

    The Shreve Family has four redheaded daughters and one redheaded mother! They love being a unique family and they all know how to Rock it like a Redhead. 


    Day-to-Night Makeup Tips – Redhead Makeup Tips For Around The Clock

    The same makeup MO doesn’t always work for both day and night. Here are some expert tricks that will keep you looking gorgeous around the clock.

    DAY: For the day look, loose powder and concealer have already been applied, as well natural colored mascara and eyebrow pencil. Simply add a few touches to this simplify this daytime look.

    1. Add a few strokes of blush powder to the apple of your cheeks. You may drag the brush to the temples of your face.

    2. Then add a touch of a natural colored lip gloss and you’re good to start your day!


    1. Start with your eyes. Apply a dark smugleable pencil to the top lash line. Then, gently smudge it out with a q-tip.

    2. Next, apply a warm neutral shadow onto the lid and dust is along the lower lash line.

    3. Apply a rich black mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

    4. Add bronzer around the face and under the cheekbones.

    5. Apply a bright colored gloss in the shade of your preference… and meet your girlfriends for a night on the town.

    Rock it like a Redhead! 


    Hair + Beauty

    5 Back-to-School Redhead Makeup Tips

    It’s back-to-school season and now is the perfect excuse to update your overall redhead look with new wardrobe must-haves and redhead makeup. Here are a few trendy makeup tips to WOW your classmates:

    1. Bold Brows: 

    Bold, thicker and well-groomed brows have been in style for quite some time. Most redheads have very fair eyebrows and to achieve the thicker brow look, it’s suggested you fill them with a shade lighter than your red hair.

    READ: 10 Eyebrow Products for Redheads – Blondes & Brunettes Can Use Too!

    2. Falsies: 

    To get that wide-eyed, natural look opt for individual lashes. To start, add a few lashes to the outer corners of your eye and apply a coat of mascara. If you have very fair eyelashes, first apply a coat of mascara and then apply the lashes.

    3. Bold Matte Lips:

    We are transitioning from summer to autumn, so your lipstick shades can be darker –– but don’t go too dark. Opt for an intense red, deep raspberry or burnt orange. In order to keep your lips perfectly colored all day long, line and color the inside of your lips with a lip liner similar to the lipstick shade and then apply the lipstick. This will prevent the lipstick from smudging or bleeding.

    READ: Best Red Lip Shades For Your Redhead Skin Tone

    4. Little Is More:

    If you just came from a vacation, this is the perfect way to show off your glowing, freckled face without loads of makeup. Apply a ‘redhead friendly’ moisturizer and a dab of concealer to disguise eye circles and to cover up any redness. If you feel uncomfortable without makeup, give tinted moisturizers a try. It will moisturize your skin and make it glow.

    READ: The 6 Best Tinted Moisturizers for Redheads 

    5. Grab A Highlighter: 

    Highlighters are another great way to show off your summer skin and enhance those sun kisses. Apply a ‘redhead friendly’ highlighter to your lid, cheeks, brow bone and/or cupid’s brow.


    Rock it like a Redhead!  


    Get The Look

    Get Reba McEntire’s Look: Celebrity Makeup Artist Brett Freedman Shares His Secrets

    Los Angeles based make-up artist Brett Freedman works with some of the world’s most beautiful women, including the famous redhead, Reba McEntire.

    Brett said, “Reba’s wonderful. She’s adventurous with her look and ‘game’ to try new things, beauty wise, and that’s what keeps it exciting! She’s also fun to work with because she has a huge effect on her fans. I think singers garner much different reactions from fans, than say, actresses or other public figures because fans instantly feel connected to them. Reba navigates her fans’ tidal wave of excitement very well.”

    Brett sat down with How to be a Redhead to discuss Reba’s “redhead friendly” makeup choices, secret tips and more.

    H2BAR: Do you have makeup tips for enchanting Reba’s red hair? 

    Brett: “I try to let her hair take center stage by using muted neutrals and warm, juicy lip and cheek colors. She loves lip glosses from NARS Cosmetics.”

    H2BAR: How do you make Reba’s eyes pop? 

    Brett: “I’m a big fan of mixing warm and cool tones on the eyes. I like to combine warm taupes with pewter or celery to add depth and catch light.”

    H2BAR: Reba’s cheekbones are gorgeous! How do you this look? 

    Brett: “My secret is to use healthy looking blush tones like tangerine & berry — never brick or brown. I also add a touch of LORAC Cosmetics Perfectly Lit Oil-Free Luminizing Powder.”

    H2BAR: What is one of Reba’s go-to makeup products?

    Brett: “I love to use Stila Cosmetics Convertible Blush in ‘Gladiola‘ on her. I do believe less is more and this product gives your skin the perfect color.”

    H2BAR: Reba’s skin is so dewy! How do you it? 

    Brett: “We love anything moisturizing. Reba likes to keep her skin dewy and that’s why I love Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide and Concealer.

    H2BAR: Redheads are always reaching for the perfect eyebrow pencil for their light eyebrows. What is Reba’s secret? 

    Brett: “We use a pencil from my line, Brett Freedman Beauty, called ‘Gingerella.’ Most redheads are sick of using copper-ish eyeshadows or lip pencils and other lines’ red options are basically brown with a touch of red. This is the perfect eyebrow pencil for any redhead.”

    Sassy Auburn

    Makeup Primer for Sensitive Skin – A ‘Redhead Friendly’ Favorite

    By: Sassy Auburn

    After several straight days of hot and humid weather, my face is always in need of a good oil mattifier to absorb the oil and help control shine. Nothing is better than a primer that helps finesse your powder or liquid foundation, helping your skin to stay flawless for longer.

    I have tried many primers and PHYSICIANS FORMULA Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Correcting Powder is one of the best “redhead friendly” options.

    The best part about this primer is it comes in a versatile powder compact that allows for easy blending and effortless application. It’s hypoallergenic, fragrance free, paraben free, dermatologist approved and non-comedogenic.

    All redheads know about red skin and how difficult it can be to cover it up. The green concealer included does the trick! GREEN? Oh yes, green! It neutralized the redness in my skin and gave me great even tone, with a matte primer finish that lasted all day with no breakthrough shine. The nude and yellow tones are perfect for other non-red areas of my skin and the pink highlighter works well on the cheekbones. Plus, it color corrects your imperfections and smooths skin texture.

    So, if you gingers need a great primer in the jiffy, you can easily find this product at your local drugstore.

    Rock it like a Redhead! 



    WATCH: How To Do a Redhead Crown Braid

    For this look you will need a tail comb, redhead hair ties & redhead bobby pins.

    To achieve this popular editorial style we called New York City hairstylist, Kiera Doyle to demonstrate the visible crown braid.

    1. Create a diagonal section on the top of the head where the braid will begin.

    2. Pick up a small triangle of hair at the base of that section and break it down into three equal sections.

    3. Braid 3 strands underneath one another.

    4. Next take a small section of hair from the top of the head and marry into the left side of the braid leave the right side (or the part closest to the forehead) as it is and then continue to braid 3 strands underneath another.

    Continue this look until you reach your desired stopping point or travel all around the head for a beautiful updo.

    UPDATE: April 11, 2016

    Wanting to attain Sophie Turner’s Game of Thrones’ 2016 premiere hair? Technically, she rocked a milk maid braid. But, you can do it in a crown braid version too! The difference is in the technique of the braid.

    READ: How redheads can do a milk maid braid

    Following the tutorial above, or watching below, make the milk maid (or crown) braided pigtails. Then, bring the ends to the top of the hair and secure with bobby pins. Spray with hairspray to secure.


    Optional: Leave your bangs out prior to starting the braid if you wish!

    Premiere Of HBO's "Game Of Thrones" Season 6 - Arrivals

    Rock it like a Redhead! 

    Photo: Getty Images


    Red Hair Color Based on Your Age

    For natural or ‘by choice’ redheads, enhancing your red hair color as you age is an easy way to keep yourself looking young and fresh. Most natural redheads face fading at many different ages and some redheads ‘by choice,’ are not sure which red is a smart choice for their particular look. Celebrity hair stylist Nelson Chan offers some words of advice for women who want to maintain natural and youthful-looking red tresses during any stage of their life.

    For age 30 and under: This advice is usually for redheads ‘by choice,’ because natural redheads do not face intense fading until their 30’s and 40’s. If you are natural and need more vibrancy, opt for hair glosses and color depositing shampoos.

    READ MORE: How to Make Hair Shiny — The Hair Glaze Guide for Natural and ‘By Choice’ Redheads 

    READ MORE: What’s a Ginger to Do? The Low Down on Color Depositing Shampoo

    For those bottled redheads, the shade of red can be brighter and more intense. In the above photo, Chan gave the woman copper-ish red hair and only a recommends this vibrant shade of red for women in their twenties.

    For age 30 and over:  The red should acquire more auburn and mahogany tones to be more chic and sophisticated.

    Over 40: Women should be exuding even more sophistication! For example, Chan recommends a soft medium auburn with a touch of reddish copper and says, “It looks real – as if you were born with that shade of red.”

    Make sure to take this information to your hair stylist and choose a color that’s perfect for you.

    Rock it like a Redhead!  


    Photo Credit: Nelson J Salon.

    Carmina Alvarez

    Vacation Essentials for Curly Redheads

    By: Carmina Alvarez

    Even though summer is coming to an end, it’s still warm in many areas of the world and people are still on vacation. As a curly redhead, it can be a little stressful going to the beach or a very humid place because of the extremely frizzy, untamable hair. And, to top it all off, you can only bring select items with you because you’re traveling. What is a redhead to do?!

    Here’s are four “redhead friendly” vacation essentials that every curly redhead should know about:


    Rock it like a Redhead! 

    Photo: Kaitlyn Tarpey, Miss Connecticut 2013 at the Rock it like a Redhead Event. © How to be a Redhead