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Olivia Volpe

Winter Tips for Sensitive Skin Part II

By: Olivia Volpe

Winter can be tough on a redhead’s sensitive skin and since most of us can’t curl up by a roaring fire and hibernate all winter, it’s imperative to take extra precaution against the cold winter winds (if you live in a super cold region that is!).

We already know five tips for keeping skin safe this season, but here are four more secrets I can not live without:

1. Mix a couple drops of concealer with your every day moisturizer. This will help you hide any imperfections and prevent chapped skin.

2. Maybelline BabyLips chapstick is super hydrating and adds just the right hint of color. As an added bonus, each color has its own flavor like Cherry or Strawberry Kiwi.

3. I sometimes leave a tube of emergency mascara in my car, but the icy weather can dry out a brand new tube in no time. If your mascara starts to dry out, add a couple of drops of saline contact solution to help revive it. *Safety Tip: Make sure you don’t try and revitalize mascara that’s too old because eye makeup is a breeding ground for nasty bacteria that can be harmful to your eyes.

4. Before you get out of the shower, rub yourself down with a coat of baby oil. It works better than any moisturizer I have found and it leaves your sensitive skin feeling soft and smooth, rather than sticky.

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