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Celebrity Hair Care Tips for Redheads

Are you always searching for the best beauty products for redheads? Such as the best shampoo, styling products and tips for keeping it healthy and strong.  We turned to Thomas Heinz, owner of Thomas Heinz New York, an exclusive and cutting edge hair salon in the Financial District of New York City. He has been the lead stylist for international magazines such as Vogue and has also worked on a number of ad campaigns for major hair care brands such as L’Oreal, John Frieda, Revlon, Wella, Clairol, Schwartzkopf and Pantene.

We sat down with Thomas to get his top hair care tips for redheads.

What advice do you give to natural redheads?

TH: For natural redheads, I recommend a clarifying shampoo every four to five shampoos to keep hair free of product build up (styling products and drugstore shampoo and conditioners can cause this) to maintain its natural vibrancy.  However, pigment fades with age and it can be maintained easily by enhancing it with glosses/toners and customized color shampoos and conditioners. Tip: No random drugstore products please, they can result in an unwanted shift in color. Shine enhancing products are always a good choice, too!

What advice do you give to redheads ‘by choice?’

TH: For redheads of choice, clarifying shampoo treatments should be done at the salon (see Niki Moon Salon), since it will remove not only product, but also pigment. It is necessary to remove product build up and unwanted minerals/metals and chlorine etc. from your locks prior to pre-toning/glossing for optimum shiny and vibrant results. We advise our customers to always consult with a colorist first! Also, always use a product line that is 100% color safe and PH appropriate (acidic rather than alkaline). Be very careful not to heat-damage your hair with hair dryers and straighteners since it can damage and “warp” your cuticles. Heat-damaged hair which will result in the pigment washing out since it has no more sealing protection. In addition, use a chemical-free dry shampoo instead of frequently washing your hair. Apply the product on your roots only and nape if needed.

When a redhead ‘by choice’ comes in to see you, what is your advice for them?

TH: I begin with a general consultation to discuss the right shade and tone of red which depends on skin/eye color, clients color history and style. I would then give them product recommendations for specific color care and finish and how to tips. One product recommendation is Long Lasting Beautiful Reds by INOA, an ammonia-free permanent hair color. Also choose a shampoo/conditioner line that will be prevent hair from fading like, Fade-Proof Fluid and Bamboo UV+Color Protection treatment line by Alterna.

What hair trends are the most popular for fall/winter 2013? 

TH: This season’s trends include big, luscious curls and waves with lots of body and texture, deconstructed chin-length bobs, short or long hair styled back away from face, simple geometric styles with monochromatic color.

What advice do you give to redheads who want to grow their hair super long?

TH: If the hair is course, I would suggest having it textured. I definitely recommend smoothing treatments to avoid heat damage from hot styling tools such as irons, blow-dryers, gentle shampooing (focus on scalp), regular trims and deep conditioning at salons and or at home via masks and overnight treatments such as Alterna Overnight Rescue Anti-Aging Caviar Crème.




Model Credit: Karen Elson