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How to Create a Fake-Bob Hairstyle

If you’re looking for a quick redhead hairstyle that looks great on all face types, choose a fake bob. Jenny Balding, a Senior Stylist at New York City’s Cutler Salon said, “Looking to do a faux bob? It’s imperative that you can’t see hair pins and hair ties in your beautiful red hair. That’s why it’s essential to have redhead bobby pins and redhead hair ties for this look.”

Want a look like Christina Hendricks’? It’s easy! Follow these five steps:

1. Prep your hair with a dry shampoo throughout and lightly mist with hairspray. This will give your hair the perfect texture and body.

2. Swoop into very low ponytail a few inches down from the nape.

3. Secure with a redhead hair tie.

4. Roll the tail up and tuck underneath, loosening the sides slightly as you go.

5. Secure with a few redhead bobby pins underneath that match your red tone.