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How Redheads Should Apply Leave-in Conditioner

Get the most out of your leave in products

Leave-in conditioner is a must-have if you want healthy red hair. It adds hydration, tames frizz, and helps your red hair look and feel better when it dries. Some leave-in products will also add heat protection, or help to define curls and waves. Here’s how redheads should be applying their leave-in conditioner:

1. Use a microfiber towel to completely dry the hair

The idea is to let the leave-in conditioner really soak into your hair, so it’s best to get rid of some of the excess water before applying your product. Dry with a microfiber hair towel or cotton t-shirt to properly prep your hair for the leave-in conditioner. 

2. Start with a little bit

When using a new leave-in conditioner it’s best to start with a small amount. If you have short to medium hair, try a pea to penny-sized amount. If you have long hair a quarter-sized amount should do. You can also follow the instructions on the back of your leave-in product. You can always apply more if you need to.

3. Apply from ears down

Using your hands or the spray on your product, apply from the ears down. Focus on the ends of the hair and skip the crown of the head to avoid having greasy or dirty-looking hair. Apply the product throughout your hair evenly. 

4. Gently comb through

Once you’ve applied all the product, go back in with your wide-tooth comb (unless you have curly hair) and comb through to make sure it’s evenly dispersed and any knots or tangles are gone. 

5. Style as normal 

You can proceed with air-drying or heat-drying as normal. Sometimes it’s nice to let the leave-in sit in your hair for 10-15 mins before applying other products, but you’ll find a method that works best for you and your gorgeous red hair.

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