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How to Use Conditioner On Red Hair

Are You Conditoning Your Red Hair Properly?

Conditioner is one of those things we don’t usually think about. Many of us buy the one that pairs well with our shampoo and just slap it on after giving our red hair a good scrub. Conditioner is a vital step in making your red hair vibrant, soft, and manageable and there are certain ways you should be applying it based on your hair type. Here’s a guide on how to properly apply your conditioner to your red hair for best results. 

1. Rinse Your Red Hair Fully

Before applying your conditioner, you want to make sure your shampoo is fully rinsed out, so make sure to give it a few extra passes under the water. 

2. Less is More

You don’t need as much conditioner as you might think. Start with a dime to a quarter-sized amount depending on your hair length. If you work it through your hair properly you shouldn’t need much more.

3. Skip the Scalp

Some people opt to condition their scalps and others don’t. If your scalp tends to be very oily you may not want to. Opt for conditioning from the ears down and make sure to get the ends fully saturated. 

4. Apply Thoroughly

If you have thick or curly hair you may need to work at it for a while to get the conditioner throughout your hair. Try using a wide-tooth comb to help separate the hair and move the product around.

5. Let it Sit

Once your hair is covered in conditioner, you will want to let it sit for a couple of minutes. Twist it up in a clip or pull it back in a bun to keep it from rinsing out too soon. This is a great time for shaving or other body care. 

6. Rinse it Out

When you’re ready to rinse your red hair, make sure you turn down the water as hot water can cause frizz and damage. Rinse from your roots down to ensure you get all the conditioner out of your hair unless using a leave-in.

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