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How Redheads Can Rock: Auburn + Red/Brown Mascara

We want redheads to understand that you can rock anything!

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For redheads getting into makeup, it can be tempting to stay within the “neutral” color ranges and follow some of the outdated makeup guidelines found online. If you followed our How Redheads Can Wear series, we’re now pushing out a new How Redheads Can Rock series focusing on makeup trends, unique tips, and busting myths that redheads can/can’t wear this or that. For our next installment in this series, let’s talk auburn and red/brown mascaras. Redheads often have unique undertones in their hair that can be complemented beautifully by auburn or red-brown mascara. These shades can enhance the natural warmth of their hair color, making their eyes pop without overpowering their overall look. Plus, it adds a subtle yet stunning touch of coordination to their makeup palette.

For years, black and dark brown mascara were the only options redheads had, and with ultra-light lashes, forgoing mascara for a “natural” look wasn’t an option. That’s one of the main reasons we developed the Finally Have Lashes® Redhead Mascara line. We wanted redheads to have a more natural option for no-makeup days and light makeup looks. 

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1. Choose the right shade for you

Auburn mascara is a reddish-orange shade of brow that still defines the lashes without feeling heavy or unnatural — like a lot of black and dark brown mascaras do. It’s perfect for strawberry blondes and redheads who like a more natural look. Our Finally Have Lashes® Perfectly Auburn comes in both our OG Hourglass formula and our new Enhancing formula. 

Finally Have Lashes Mascara: Perfectly Auburn

Red-brown mascaras like our Finally Have Lashes® Perfectly Chestnut and Finally Have Lashes® Perfectly Brown are great for redheads who want something a little darker and more defined, and those with darker red hair. Unlike most of the traditional brown mascaras on the market, these brown tones are red-based which means they are flattering on red hair and look much more natural than black-brown tones. 

Finally Have Lashes Mascara: Perfectly Chestnut

2. Know some simple application tips

One of our favorite ways to rock auburn and red/brown mascara is to apply a darker shade, like Perfectly Chestnut or Perfectly Brown to your top lashes, and Perfectly Auburn to your lower lashes. This helps your top lashes look full and dark while keeping your lower lashes light, but still defined. 

If you’re a redhead with tinted lashes or even just naturally darker lashes, Perfectly Auburn will still work for you! It will appear darker on your lashes, but when the light catches you’ve got that perfect red hue. This makes for a very natural-looking dark lash

We love auburn and red-brown mascaras with just skincare for a truly “no makeup” look, with light makeup and even with glam. They truly are the most versatile options for redheads. They also provide a subtle enhancement to a no-makeup look for redheads by adding definition to the lashes without appearing too harsh or dramatic. It complements the natural warmth of their hair, creating a cohesive and effortless appearance. It’s a great way to subtly accentuate the eyes while still maintaining a fresh and minimalistic vibe.

3. Watch other redheads apply the mascara shades: 


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Rock it like a Redhead! 


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