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6 Redhead Skincare Rules You Can and Can’t Break

Some Rules are Meant to be Broken

There are a million and one “skincare rules”, but how many of those rules are really in place for a reason, and how many are just a suggestion? Which skincare rules are best for redheads? Let’s break down some you’ve probably heard of and might even follow, and see which ones you should stick to and which ones you can bend or break.

1. TRUE: Always wear SPF

Let’s kick things off with a rule that’s hard and fast and shouldn’t be broken. For redheads, sun protection isn’t optional, and it should be worn every single day all year round. Skipping your SPF can lead to sun damage and skin cancer and it’s not worth the risk!

2. BENDABLE RULE: Use “Night” and “Day” Products

Now for a rule that can be helpful, but can also be broken. Products are marketed as “night” and “day” products for a number of reasons. It might be because of the consistency, or it might be because it should be paired with SPF. When it comes to the time at which you use products, that’s totally up to you. Using “night” products can actually be super helpful in the winter when your skin is dryer, while “day” products might be more conducive to summer

3. TRUE: Don’t mix certain ingredients

Another rule you don’t want to break is mixing the wrong ingredients together. Some skincare have ingredients that will cancel each other out, or even cause a reaction on your skin. For example, you never want to mix retinol with vitamin C. Don’t break this one because it could lead to further issues, 

4. BENDABLE RULE: Every skincare step is 100% necessary

Many (not all) skincare companies are out for company profits, and that means they will market as many products as possible to you. Most people are using skincare they don’t really need or that isn’t working for them. Being selective about your skincare will lead to a more custom routine that works for your skin. Everyone is different, so our skincare routines should look different. 

5. BENDABLE RULE: Use only high-end products

Just because skincare is purchased at a high-end price doesn’t mean it’s good skincare. The most important thing to look at are the ingredients. You want to skip things like fragrance and alcohol and look for more natural ingredients. Only you know which ingredients work for your skin so look for those and ignore the brand name and the price tag. 

6. TRUE: Try to change your skincare routine each season

There are benefits to changing up your skincare routine with the weather. It allows you to get more hydration in the colder months and opt for something more lightweight in the warmer months. It can also help with any seasonal skin issues you may suffer from like rosacea or eczema. That being said, it’s also okay to stick to what you know and like.

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