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6 Redhead Beauty YouTubers You Should Be Following

Looking for Some Redhead Makeup Inspo?

Redheads are unique in their skin tone, coloring, and features. That’s why it can be tough trying to find redhead beauty/makeup inspiration or tutorials that work for us. Here are five redhead makeup gurus you can follow on YouTube to get you inspired and learn new makeup tricks:

1. Zabrena

Zabrena is a beauty and fashion YouTuber who shares videos trying new products, doing get-ready-with-me videos, reviewing drugstore products, and sharing hair tutorials for her naturally curly red hair. Her tutorials are easy to follow no matter your makeup skill level, and her product reviews are extremely helpful when shopping around for new items. 



2. Joanna Storer

Joanna runs the YouTube channel called Simply Redhead where she focuses on makeup content with a little fashion and lifestyle mixed in. You will find videos about her favorite skincare product, easy makeup routines, product review, and more. Lots of Joanna’s looks are perfect for everyday wear and makeup lovers of all levels. 



3. Mari Maria

Mari is a Brazilian makeup and beauty guru who launched her own makeup line in 2019. Her line offers products for all skin types and skin tones, but she has a few products that are perfect for fair-skinned redheads. On her Instagram and TikTok, you can find a mix of makeup videos and lifestyle content. On her YouTube, you can find more makeup-related content as well as tutorials. 



4. Anna Fryxell

Anna is a beauty YouTuber and sunscreen aficionado who shares skincare tips, redhead makeup tips and tricks, product reviews, and other beauty-related content. Anna shows you ways to darken your blonde brows and also which makeup products will help you get natural-looking brows as a redhead.



5. Face by Megan

Megan is a beauty blogger on Youtube and a makeup artist who makes all sorts of beauty videos but has an entire series on makeup for redheads. She also has a blog on her website where she shows you how to get the look and shares tips and tricks. You can also find her Instagram where she shares pictures of the professional makeup work she does. 



6. How to be a Redhead 

Of course, we love our YouTube channel too! Follow How to be a Redhead on all social outlets, including YouTube.

Rock it like a Redhead!