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13 Redheads You Need to Follow on Instagram

Before social media, the only redheads we could look up to and admire were celebrity redheads in Hollywood. And although we still love following our favorite redhead celebrities on Instagram too, there are so many redhead bloggers and influencers we can relate to.

Here are 13 of my favorite redheads to follow on Instagram:

1. Leah Diaz @leahgabriellediaz

Formally known as the Freckled Red Fox, this spunky redhead gives us serious hair goals! While a full-time student, Leah shares on Instagram her favorite hair and beauty products, trendy fashion must-haves and the best coffee spots in California. Some of her favorite products include Not Your Mother’s and the new Neutrogena Bright Boost skincare line. Leah is an animal advocate who is always on the lookout for our furry friends and reminds us to always be kind.

2. Carmen Lee Solomons @carmen.solomons 

Get ready for some curly hair envy! Carmen is a San African model with stunning (seriously) red curls. She shares a lot of her gorgeous model photoshoot shots. Her quick makeup videos will inspire you to get creative with your eyeshadow and liner.

3. Courtney Halverson @prettylittlefawn 

Actress and blogger, Courtney’s Instagram page will inspire you to embrace all the colors that ‘redhead season’ offers. It may even get you to cut your red hair and toss some curls into it for an effortless look.

4. Mari Maria @marimaria

Mari is a Brazilian makeup blogger who shares a ton of IGTV videos on her page. She even has her own line of makeup, Mari Maria Makeup.

5. Sarah Oliveira @saraholiveriablog

A Brazilian blogger with beautiful redhead curls! She also talks about some of her favorite products and is always expressing herself with bright, bold colors.

6. Madelynne Ross @madelynneross

Her natural red hair and freckles are stunning! A model for 20 years and now photographer, she talks about beauty, fashion and more.

7. Rebecca Ravee Norris @rebeccaravee

Based in New York City, Rebecca shares all that’s happening in the beauty and health world. This girl keeps it 100% real while sharing her life as a freelance writer. With dozens of publications, she has an article for everything! She stays humble but showcases dozens of products, fashion and occasional travel experiences. I love her self confidence and admire her hustle.

8. Danielle Victoria @xomissdanielle

This California girl is a published model who works with many well-known brands. Danielle shares amazing photos of her beauty, fashion and travel. She is a big fan of skincare and uses products like Estee Lauder, Olay, and First Aid Beauty. I love her use of hats too!

9. Rebecca Seals @rebeccaseals

For amazing makeup transformations, you need to follow Rebecca Seals. Although she can pull off any hair color, she incorporates her red hair into the majority of her looks. Great for anyone looking for makeup and cosplay inspiration.

10. Alexis May @alexismaymcmullin

The most colorful redhead page, Alexis shares simple yet amazing photos from all of her travels. Alexis is based in Chicago but can be seen all over the world including Europe. She has great style and uses her creativity to incorporate wherever she is into her photos. I love her signature hair scarf and the use of architecture for backgrounds.

11. Molly Day @move.with.molly

A fellow Connecticut native, Molly lives in NYC and is a former dancer for the Boston Celtics and New York Knicks. Now a Coach at Equinox Sports Club in Brooklyn, Molly boosts self-esteem through body positivity and having fun. Molly is just the cutest but do not let her rainbows fool you, she also enjoys rock concerts and metal bands!

12. Rebecca @aclotheshorse

Perfectly matching her red hair to fashion and nature, Rebecca shares beautiful photos with a folklore aesthetic. From Northern Ireland, Rebecca has the most magical photos. Her style consists of flowing dresses, flowers and animal accents. Her photos will make you feel like your in a fairytale!

13. Lex @madeyewlook

Recently seen on NYX Cosmetics promotion for their “Wonderland After Dark” campaign for Halloween, Lex pulled off a spooky zombie Alice makeup look. She shares lots of cosplay makeup and is pretty active on Twitch, a live stream site where she does anything from cooking, makeup and gaming. Lex is also a bargain hunter finding the best makeup for your buck!

Who do you love following on Instagram? Share with us and Rock it like a Redhead!