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Sunscreen Oil is a New Trend and Redheads Will Love It

Sun Protection That Will Give You A Glow And Protection!

As redheads, we love our sun protection and if there’s a product with sunscreen we have to try it out. Sunscreen oils have become increasingly popular over the years due to their ability to keep skin soft and glowy while still providing sun protection. And if you hate the dreaded white cast that comes with some sunscreens, you’ll love sunscreen oil.

Important! Sunscreen oils are NOT the same as tanning oils. They are not intended to attract the sun and make your skin darker. They are intended to act as sun protection while softening dry skin. Sunscreen oils deliver the same protection as other formulas, along with a helping of moisturizing goodness. They work with your body to create a chemical barrier against the sun’s harmful rays and help hydrate your skin. 

Sunscreen oils are fairly new to the beauty industry and we can expect more to hit the market in the next few years. They’re so popular because the oil formula goes on transparent and hydrates the skin while protecting it.

Next time you’re looking to add a new SPF product to your skincare routine, try these ‘Redhead Friendly’ options:

1. Body: Supergoop! Glow Oil SPF 50

It’s an ultra-hydrating sunscreen body oil that leaves skin glowing and protected, without feeling greasy. It’s water-resistant for 80 minutes and made with an antioxidant-rich formula.


2. Lips: COOLA Classic Liplux Organic Hydrating Lip Oil Sunscreen SPF 30

A broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection that hydrates dry lips and leaves them with a glossy shine.

Rock it like a Redhead!