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5 Myths About Dyeing Natural Red Hair

Have You Dyed Your Red Hair Before?

dyeing red hair

“Don’t dye your hair!”

Every redhead has heard the phrase with claims that it won’t ever be the same color, or you’ll regret it. While the latter may be true, the former is a myth. There are a lot of myths surrounding redheads dyeing their hair, and we want to bust them. For many young redheads, these myths serve almost as cautionary tales, but thinking about dyeing your hair, and even going through a period where you do dye it is very common for most redheads. 

Myth 1: Your hair won’t come back the same

The most common myth about dyeing your hair red is that it will never be the same again. Now, there are two sides to this coin. The hair on your head that gets dyed won’t be the same, but that goes for anyone who dyes their hair. Once dye is applied, it permanently alters the hair. But, the hair that grows out of your head, will be your natural color. You might have to wait it out if you want to go back to your natural red, but it will come back eventually. If you dye your hair for many years, you may notice your red hair regrowth isn’t the same shade as it was before you dyed it. This isn’t because you changed the color, it’s because you’ve aged, and red hair often changes as we get older. 

Myth 2: You’ll regret dyeing your hair

This is more of an opinion than a fact. While some redheads do regret dyeing their hair, not all do. For some redheads, dyeing their hair even helps them to appreciate their red hair more when they do choose to go back to their natural color. 

Myth 3: Red hair won’t take in the dye

This is another tricky one. Red hair can be dyed, but it can often take more steps to get it there. Red hair holds onto pigment more strongly, meaning you have to either strip or cover that pigment to get the red to go away, but even then your hair may still have a red hue to it. So, your hair will dye, but you need a good stylist to get you there with minimal damage. 

Myth 4: You won’t look good with any other hair color

The rule of thumb is that your natural color is always your best color, but you could also look amazing as a blonde or a brunette. You look best in what you feel best in, and while red may suit your features the best it doesn’t mean it’s what you feel confident in. That can also change over the years. Many young redheads want to fit in, meaning they feel more confident with a more common hair color, but as you get older, you often realize that being unique can make you even more confident. 

Myth 5: Once you dye your hair, you aren’t a redhead anymore

If you were born a redhead, you’re always a redhead. Even if you dye your hair or it fades. It’s literally in your DNA and you can’t get rid of it. You will still have the same physical attributes that redheads have, the same lived experiences and the same genetic makeup.

The idea that dyeing your hair changes your inherent identity as a redhead is a misconception. Hair color is just one aspect of a person’s appearance and doesn’t define their identity. Someone who dyes their red hair to another color is still a redhead at heart, as their natural hair color is part of their genetic makeup and personal history. So, dyeing your hair doesn’t alter your true identity as a redhead.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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