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Why Dyeing Hair Red is a BIG Commitment: Everything You Need To Know

No one tells you this. If you're 'by choice' or natural, you'll learn from this article.

Updated: October 25th, 2023

Red hair of all shades has been mega popular this year. We’ve seen celebs and influencers jump on the red train and we’re here for it! Going red can be a somewhat scary, unfamiliar concept that feels so out of the norm and you can’t help but wonder what your family and friends will say. But it’s also something you’ve always played with the idea of in the back of your mind. And let’s face it, it looks like it would be an absolute blast. You might also gain more confidence and a new edge of fierceness. 

Natural redheads — we’re not forgetting about you. We know many of you are reading this already feeling fierce because you’re a life-long natural redhead. Your hair might be a blonder-hue, has browned-out or even white. You will need to learn from all of the facts below if you want to attain the color your hair use to be. The best tip we can give you is bring a photo from your younger years to your colorist. They will do their best to match the shade!

Dyeing your hair red can be a big commitment that some people aren’t ready for. It isn’t a simple color and there is a lot to consider when making decisions about whether it’s for you. Here’s what to expect if you’re thinking about joining the redhead ranks. 

1. Make sure you love your colorist 

It’s important to find a colorist you love, or at least are comfortable with because you’re going to spend a lot of time with them. It’s important to think of it as building a relationship. If you haven’t found the one just yet, don’t worry. Listen to How to be a Redhead’s podcast, Season 4 Episode 6 with Taylor Tomasi Hill’s colorist: Gion Vincent. He breaks down the relationship he has with his red clients and what to look for when wanting to take the “red plunge”.

2. Your roots will need a lot of attention

Unlike the brunette-to-blonde transition that many people make, going red requires more maintenance to your roots. The grow-out looks less natural and you’ll probably want to cover it up. Depending on your natural hair color, this is something to keep in mind before heading to the salon.

3. Red dye fades super fast 

In addition to needing to keep up with your roots, red fades quickly. If you’re looking for a vibrant copper or auburn you’re going to need to visit the salon frequently to keep that color looking nice. You can extend the life of your color by washing in cool water, using color-extending products, and reducing heat to your hair. 

4. But red dye also lingers in hair too 

We know we just said red fades quickly, but it also lingers in your locks too. This is really only a problem if you decide to go back to your natural (or another) color but, beware! Red warm tones will stick around for a while. For example, if you go red and then decide later you want to go blonde, your hair is going to have to go through many stages of orange and yellow to get you back to anything cool or ashy.

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