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5 More Redhead Models To Watch For On The Runway

We love redhead representation!

redhead models

We love seeing redhead representation, and surprisingly we see a lot of it on TV and in movies. Did you know roughly 30% of network TV ads during peak viewing hours include someone with red hair? This is despite redheads making up less than 2% of the population. One place we don’t always see redhead representation is in fashion. We shared with you 5 Redhead Models Who are Taking Fashion By Storm, and now we’re sharing 5 more. Watch for these redheads on the runway or in your favorite magazine. 

1. Cintia Dicker

Cintia Dicker is a Brazilian model and actress who has appeared on several international covers and in catalogs for brands like Victoria’s Secret, H&M, and Gap. She’s also done high fashion work for big names like Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana. Cintia was featured in Sports Illustrated from 2009-2012 and in 2013. Recently, she was the face of a Lacoste Brazil campaign. 

2. Sabina Karlsson

Sabina Karlsson is a Swedish model who was named 2022’s Model of the Year by ELLE Sweden. Karlsson entered the modeling scene at age 4 and has worked as both a straight and plus-size model. She has modeled for Teen Vogue, Armani, Michael Kors, and many more. Last year Sabina modeled alongside her family for a GAP holiday campaign, featuring her redhead kiddo!

3. Tess McMillan

Tess McMillan has made a name in the modeling world for her renaissance-style beauty and red hair. She was featured in Vogue when she was only eighteen and has worked for names like Jean Paul Gaultier, Coach, and Burberry. Tess isn’t isn’t just a redhead model. She’s also a painter, whose work was shown in a gallery in Paris last year. Recently, Tess was featured as the model for ELLE UK’s “Summer Fashion Heats Up” Digital Cover.

4. Jadi Wegener

Jadi Wegener is a Brazilian model who has worked with brands like Missoni, Ermanno Scervino, Thom Browne, and Coach. Jadi has done extensive runway and high fashion work with her stunning red hair and porcelain complexion. Jadi recently modeled for Vivienne Westwood. 

5. Amélie Cara Klingel

Amélie Cara Klingel is a Swiss/German model who is considered a rookie in the business, but we expect to see great things from. She was named one of the Top 50 Summer Siupermodels of the World for Germany by Gladys Magazine.  Amelie recently did a shoot for Schön! Magazine.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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