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5 Great Concealer Tips For Mature Redhead Skin

Our co-founder shares her favorite tips

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As we get older, our bodies, our red hair, and our skin change. Instead of feeling down about these totally normal and natural changes, we have to adapt to it. One of the things most redheads struggle with is changing their makeup, especially once they hit 30 and beyond. 

As skin loses elasticity, makeup sits differently on the skin. Makeup can actually make the skin look worse if application techniques do not change. A product that commonly causes issues is concealer. Applying concealer incorrectly to mature skin will leave you with creasing, lines, and uneven coverage. This doesn’t mean you have to give up your concealer, just learn new application techniques!

We asked H2BAR co-founder, Stephanie Vendetti, to teach us some of the tricks she has learned when it comes to wearing concealer in your 30s and beyond. “I love concealer and it’s a vital part of my redhead beauty routine at thirty-three years old. These are some of my best tips,” Stephanie says: 

1. Consider your eye cream

Skincare is the base for your makeup, so the eye cream you’re using will impact how your concealer sits on the skin. “I suggest opting for an eye cream that’s not too rich. A lightweight eye serum or cream is best for wearing under your makeup.” Stephanie says, “Save your heavy eye cream for nighttime. If you’re oily/combo skin, try an eye primer over top of your eye cream to get a better base.”

2. Eye cream application matters

Another tip Stephanie has is to be careful with the amount of eye cream you’re using. Stephanie continues, “Using too much of any eye cream can cause the concealer to not blend properly. A pea-sized amount should be plenty for your under eyes.”

She mentions it is also important to give your eye cream a few moments to dry before going in with other products. This will prevent the eye cream from piling up

3. Concealer is buildable

Start off small and only apply a little bit of concealer to start. Start by concentrating on any dark areas you want to conceal, and build the coverage up as needed. “If you have areas without darkness and just want to brighten, just keep it minimal,” Stephanie suggests. 

4. Use a concealer brush

“If you’ve been using a makeup sponge for your undereye concealer and aren’t getting the finish you want, try a beauty brush.” Brushes help work the product into the skin, while sponges leave it sitting on the surface, making it more prone to creasing. 

concealer brush

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5. Apply setting powder carefully 

Stephanie’s last tip is, “If you use a setting powder, you need to make sure you’re using a very lightweight formula. Anything too heavy will leave the under eyes looking powdery and messy.” She loves using a small, firm brush to press the powder into the concealer just enough to set it. 

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