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10 Signs You’re A Redhead Wife, Girlfriend or Significant Other

..with Lucille Ball GIFS to 'splain it all!

By: Jessie Harbin

I married my exact opposite: tall, blue eyes, curly hair and tans the second he steps outside. So, the first few months of our marriage have been a learning experience to say the least. He had to learn that I really did need that much sunscreen, and I had to learn that putting too much hair product in his curly hair made him look like the member of an early 2000s boy band. (Justin Timberlake I still love you!)

Still, the number one best thing about being the redheaded better half is that we’re predisposed to being passionate about the people we love.

Here are the 10 signs you’re that special person:

1. Your partner can always spot you in a crowd because you naturally stand out.

2. Your wedding dress and wedding colors were ‘redhead friendly’.

3. You’ve tried desperately hard to remember high school biology so you can do a Punnett Square to see what your chances of having redheaded kids are.


4. Sunscreen is the first thing you pack for any trip outside.

..even if its only for a day.

5. You reapply that sunscreen to yourself and everyone else as often as possible.

Nobody is getting skin cancer on your watch. 

6. Your special someone has been forced to watch every Amy Adams, Debra Messing, Jessica Chastain and Isla Fisher movie.

..because you support redheaded leading ladies. 

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7. You’ve discussed future baby names that include Ariel, Lucille, Julianne, Harry, and Nicole.


8. Your family gets used to having no-scent lotions, detergents and soaps because anything else is too much for your sensitive skin.

9. Your main squeeze is finally OK with your obsession with redheaded babies–and the fact that you have to go baby talk to them whenever you see one.

10. Your in-laws have been fully schooled on the fantastic traits that redheads have.

..and how lucky they will be to get redheaded grand babies one day.

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..Do you have any of these traits? Rock it like a Redhead!