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6 Things That Happen to You When You’re a Redheaded Mom of Redheaded Babies

The most common occurrences:

By: Rosemary O. Fernandez

Becoming a mother is one of the most amazing and transforming experiences a woman can undergo. The magical time is often shared with the general public ––– because who can resist staring at adorable cherubs? When you have multiple kiddies, the comments and head turns happen more frequently. When both of your kids are under two years old and have red hair that matches yours, well just forget about keeping to yourself on outings.

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Having lived this life for approximately ten weeks now, (I’m the grateful mama of a fifteen-month-old boy and two-month-old girl), I’ve observed that the following are the most common occurrences.

1. When you’re in the hospital after giving birth the second time, all the nurses go bananas over the baby’s red hair.

They’ll exclaim with glee: “She’s our only redhead, its terrific!” Then when your parents bring your one-year-old redheaded son in to meet the new addition, several nurses poke their heads in just to say hi and see the whole red clan together.

2. When taking the kids for a stroll, to the library, to the supermarket, etc., people stop what they’re doing to talk to you about the redness of your children’s locks.

Even if they’re complete strangers – actually especially if they’re complete strangers. First, they ooh and aah over the babies’ cuteness, and the second sentence that comes out of their mouths is: “And they both have red hair, wow!” To which you respond: “Thank you, I know it’s great!”

3. They wonder if your hair has always been so red.

You gladly get to declare that it has.

4. They ask if your husband has the same color.

Which (in my case), alas, you have to admit he doesn’t. But you spend the next five minutes assuring them that both the kids’ grandmothers are proud redheads and several other members of the extended family sport the hue as well.

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5. They ask to take pictures.

Which being an overprotective mother, you politely but firmly dismiss. (Ok fine, this only happened to me one time, but still…)

6. You secretly love all the attention.

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Photo credit: Gable Denims