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Redheads are Magical! And photos with this red fox proves it.

All we have to say is: wow!

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Redheads stand out. We know this! And this is why St. Petersburg, Russia-basd photographer, Alexandra Bochkareva, loves working with them.

Bochkareva adores the way red hair shines in the summer sun and glistens in the depths of winter. So much so, that she’s done a series of portraits featuring two striking red-haired models, Olga and Polina…

…And a fox called Alice. Fascinating!

2AlexandraBochkarevafoxredhead.jpg.jpg 4AlexandraBochkarevafoxredhead.jpg.jpg 6AlexandraBochkarevafoxredhead.jpg.jpg 8AlexandraBochkarevafoxredhead.jpg.jpg 9AlexandraBochkarevafoxredhead.jpg.jpg

The affectionate fox  belongs to friends of Bochkareva who rescue animals. Alice the Fox is completely domesticated.

See some video from behind the scenes:

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