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Ranking The Best Dolls with Red Hair: 30 Options For Your Next Buy

Redhead dolls are on the market and we're here to share our favorites with you

redhead doll

Parents of redhead kids contact us daily for advice and tips. Recently, we received an inquiry as to why it was so hard to find redhead dolls for their little redhead ones. It’s pretty well known that many stores do not carry redhead dolls, with the exception of specific redhead character dolls. As unfortunate as this is, we’re lucky to live in an age where we don’t have to settle for what the store has — we can decide to hop online and see what is really out there. We did our own searches and found 30+ redhead dolls online, ranging from plush dolls to more fashion-style dolls.

We also found that American Girl sells about a dozen redhead dolls in different styles, and has a One of a Kind Doll program where you can design a doll to look like anyone. This feature includes a redhead option and we are loving it. 

Redhead dolls are so hard to find because there’s less demand for them — with less than 2% of the population having red hair. The only way to get more redhead dolls is to show toy makers that there’s a need and want. So, if you have a little one, redhead or not, get them a redhead doll! For those kids with red hair it’s a great way to have a doll that looks like you, and for non-redhead kids, it’s a great way to diversify their doll collection to look more like the world around them.

Plush Dolls 

A plush doll is a soft toy usually made from fabric, often resembling animals, characters from movies, cartoons, or even humans. They are often stuffed with cotton or similar materials to make them cuddly and huggable.

Gloveleya Plush Curly Red Hair Heart Dress Baby Doll: $23

Barbie Dolls 

We all know and love Barbie. Here are some redhead versions and if you want even more, read about 17 Redhead Barbies You Need Right Now.

Barbie Looks Doll with Curly Red Hair: $23

Fashion Dolls

A fashion doll is a type of doll primarily designed to represent fashion and style. They often have posable limbs and come with a variety of clothing and accessories that can be changed to create different looks.

Glitter Girls Astrid - Red Hair & Hazel Eyes: $21

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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