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Podcast S5 EP10: Scalp Health 101 for Redheads

Learn All About Scalp Health on This Episode!

Right now our theme at H2BAR is all about shiny, glossy hair! We are still celebrating the launch of our newest product Finally Glossy® which hit the H2BAR shop on June 16th. In celebration of this new product, we wanted to talk to some hair and scalp experts because healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.

This week on the podcast, Adrienne + Stephanie talk to Mimi Chien and Catherine Cheng — and our H2BAR co-founders call them right from Taiwan. They are from the Aromase team and on the podcast to talk about healthy scalps and what we all want — luscious red hair.

Mimi is the CSO Chief Sustainability Officer/ Deputy Manager and Catherine is the Global Sales + Marketing Manager. A little bit more about Mimi + Catherine. Mimi is the only Asian board member of the B Beauty coalition. She works to care for human beings and the earth through the natural plant-extracted scalp care products of AROMASE and juliArt brands; actively participates in mountain climbing, caring for caregivers, circular economy, and renewable energy. Catherine is a hopeless enthusiast for beautiful things and has solid experience in the aesthetic medicine field and her own beauty blog. She is a trainer and speaker at medical conventions and global training for doctors and business partners.

If you’re an H2BAR Box subscriber, the full-size Aromase Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo was inside your Spring Deluxe H2BAR Box! If you are a redhead who suffers from an itchy scalp, this product is a scalp pre-shampoo. It removes excess sebum, and scalp buildup, soothes inflammation, and combats dandruff.

Scalp Health

Also, they dig into how redheads have super sensitive skin (which usually extends to the scalp) and how this can lead to sunburn and even sun damage on the scalp skin. Another thing they all dive into is scalp care advice. There seems to be a ton of it online, especially on TikTok and it’s hard to know what’s really good advice. Mimi and Catherine give their advice and answer their #1 practice in their own routines for healthy scalps and healthy hair. 

You can hear Stephanie, Adrienne, Mimi, and Catherine discuss all these topics and more on the latest episode of the How to be a Redhead podcast. Available directly below, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts:

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