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Still Dealing With A Dry, Flaky Scalp? How Redheads Can Treat It

Bye Bye, Dry Scalp

dry scalp

Lots of people, especially redheads with sensitive skin, struggle with seasonal dandruff. A new season can cause scalp irritation you normally don’t experience. If you’re still suffering from a dry, flaky scalp, here’s what you can do to combat it: 

1. Do a scalp scrub

Some of the flakiness you’re dealing with may be residue leftover from the season before. Often we can relieve dry, dead skin with a few good washes, but sometimes it hangs on. Doing a scalp scrub will help to loosen any lingering flakes and help you get a fresh, clean scalp. Add in a scalp scrub once a week to your wash routine, and use a silicone scalp scrubber every wash to help things along.

2. Swap your shampoo seasonally

Dandruff shampoos aren’t quite known for leaving hair silky soft and feeling healthy. That’s because their aim is to target the scalp and not nourish the locks. Using a dandruff shampoo seasonally can help to cut back on flakes, but you may no longer need it now. If you’re still suffering from dry scalp, try double washing once with dandruff shampoo and once with a hydrating shampoo, or switch it to every other wash. 

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3. Start hair oiling

Getting rid of the dry, dead skin isn’t enough. You have to start adding hydration and nourishment back into the scalp to help move past the dry patch. Hair oiling is a great way to nourish your strands while also giving your scalp the boost it needs. 

4. Use a humidifier

If you live in a dry climate, or you’re somewhere where the weather is still chilly, you may need to add some more moisture into your home. Using a humidifier will help to moisten the scalp and rid it of any dry flakes. A humidifier on its own may not solve your hair problems, but it can help in conjunction with the other efforts listed.

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