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7 Ways to Keep Your Red Hair Smelling Good

Say Goodbye to Smelly Hair Between Washes!

Nobody likes to be smelly, and hair can trap a lot of smells. We all know the best way to keep your hair smelling great is to wash it. Unfortunately, washing your hair every day can be damaging and bad for your scalp. Here are a few ways you can keep your hair smelling good while avoiding overwashing and maintaining scalp health

1. Try double washing

Your first thought may be to simply mask the smell, but in the long run, you really want to work on training your hair to go longer between washes. Double washing is a great technique and will leave your hair looking and feeling clean. This also means you get more out of your style before you have to wash it again. 

2. Exfoliate your scalp

Another way to help your hair stay clean longer is to make sure you’re really getting all the build-up out and making the most of your wash days. In addition to double washing, scalp exfoliation is a good way to maintain a healthy scalp. 

3. Boar bristle brush

The reason your scalp and hair smell when your hair hasn’t been washed is a combination of sweat, build-up, and oils. Using a boar bristle brush will help to distribute the oils (that naturally occur on the head) to leave less build-up. Get ready for softer, shinier hair that smells better.

Tip: When using a boar bristle brush, make sure your hair is dry.

4. Keep hair brushes clean

Dirty hair brushes and combs will make your hair look and small dirtier. It’s important to clean your brushes regularly and don’t let old, dead hair accumulate. In addition to pulling the old hair off, you can also clean your tools with vinegar to eliminate any smell. 

5. Dry those roots

Aftering working out or breaking a sweat, you may notice your hair smells. If you don’t have time to wash it, the best thing to do is to take your blow dryer to your roots and help the smell dissipate before it sets in. Drying out the sweat will reduce the smell and keep your scalp healthy

6. Dry shampoo

The most obvious of options is to use dry shampoo. Not only will it make your hair smell cleaner, but it will also make it look cleaner too. Just make sure you don’t overload on dry shampoo because the added build-up could cause scalp problems. 

7. Hair perfume

Like dry shampoo, hair perfume should be used sparingly when you need clean smelling hair in a pinch. Hair perfume differs from regular perfume, so be sure you’re using the right kind. Regular perfumes will cause dryness and damage if sprayed directly onto the hair. 


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