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Microfeathering: Everything Redheads Need to Know About the Brow Filling Technique

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Updated: November 2nd, 2023

Conquering those (sometimes) fair-blonde eyebrows is a big beauty challenge for redheads. Finding the right ‘redhead friendly’ product and shade, and keeping them in place all day can be a challenge. Many redheads are microblading their brows so they don’t need to fuss with filling them in daily.

Now, another upcoming trend to add to the list: microfeathering.

We spoke with Kait Paige, an expert at Boom Boom Brow Bar, in New York City to answer all questions about microfeathering and how it can benefit redheads.

What is microfeathering? 

KP: Microfeathering is a service for those who want to lightly fill in the brows they already have. It is designed for those who have some gaps and sparse areas on certain parts of their brows.

Before & after photo from Brow Brow Bar in NYC

What is the difference between microfeathering and microblading?

KP: Microblading is a more involved approach to creating brows. Microfeathering is more natural and less heavy.

What should redheads know about this new brow trend? 

KP: It’s all about the right shade. Redheads should try to match their brows as closely as possible to their natural brow color. If they’re more on the blonder/strawberry blonde tone, go for a light auburn for the first treatment. You can always go darker at the touch-up. If the eyebrows are naturally darker, go for a dark auburn, but always stay in the warm tones.

What is the overall technique? 

KP: First, the professional will match the exact color to the natural brow shade, and like microblading, use a special tool to make tiny incisions into the brow that look like hair. They will then use your existing brow hair as a starting base and fill in hair like strokes where needed.

How long does the process take? 

KP: Anywhere from 1hr and 30min to 2 hours.

How long does it last? 

KP: Microfeathering should last up to 12 months, however, certain factors like oily skin, use of retinoids on the brow, smoking and regular sunbathing can cause brows to fade faster and require more treatments than people who don’t.

Do you still need to use your brow products?

KP: You won’t need an eyebrow pencil because microfeathering fills the brow in. However, you still have brow hair and using a clear eyebrow gel can control the unruly hairs or comb them up and set them for a fuller, neater look.

What should you look when finding a professional to perform microfeathering on your brows?

KP: Find a cosmetic tattoo artist whose work you admire and who has their tattoo license from the state they practice in. And, do not go somewhere because it’s the cheapest, this is a semi-permanent tattoo on your FACE that lasts over a year, so choose wisely.

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