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Meghan Markle Admits She “Loves Redheads”

Meghan laughed saying, "I do..".

On her new podcast, Meghan Markle interviewed Mindy Kaling (best known for The Mindy Project and The Office) and opened up about her lifelong love of redheads. Markle explains that as a kid she felt very alone and one of her comforts was the Archie comics.

These popular comics that started in the 1940s remain popular to this day and were the inspiration for the hit TV series Riverdale. Markle talks about how she read the comics often and although she claims it didn’t impact her decision to name her first-born child Archie, we think it gave her appreciation for those with red hair. 

archie comics

Markle saw the comics and depicted a sort of “all-American dream”. She also felt she resonated with one of the main characters, Betty because she was “the smart one, not the pretty one”. Markle didn’t exactly get the all-American boy like Archie Andrews, but she got something many American girls dream of: a prince! And the fact that Prince Harry is a redhead like Archie didn’t hurt one bit. 

Mindy points out Meghan “loves redheads” and Meghan laughed saying, “I do..”. Since her husband and both children are redheads, we know she really must have a soft spot for redheads.

Watch the excerpt here:


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