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How To Combat a Fading Red Beard

If you want to keep up your vibrant red color, you've come to the right place

We often talk about combatting fading red hair, but what about fading red facial hair? Facial hair is often one of the first places redhead men will see signs of fading and graying. This is because facial hair actually grows at a faster rate than the hair on your head, and the facial hair life cycle is different than the head hair life cycle. Also, there is some science behind all of it. The phenomenon of red facial hair fading faster is often attributed to a combination of genetic factors and the unique pigmentation of red hair. Red hair is typically characterized by a lower concentration of the pigment eumelanin and a higher concentration of the pigment pheomelanin compared to other hair colors. Pheomelanin is less stable than eumelanin and can break down more easily when exposed to sunlight and other environmental factors. As a result, red facial hair may appear to fade faster than hair of other colors. Additionally, individual differences in hair growth patterns, maintenance routines, and exposure to external factors can also contribute to variations in the fading of facial hair.

Premature fading facial hair can also be caused by environmental factors or a lack of vitamins and nutrients, but as described above, it is often caused by genetics. Fading hair (facial or not) is nothing to be ashamed of, but sometimes you want to keep your vibrant red color. Here are a few ways to help combat a fading red beard:

Beard dye

The most obvious option for covering up a fading beard is beard dye! A popular brand is Just for Men, and they even make a red color. This product is actually commonly used by redheads to tint their eyebrows and works wonders on faded or light-red facial hairs. There are also other options for at-home beard dyeing, or you can visit a salon and have a professional do it. 

To safely apply red beard dye for fading red beards, follow these steps:

1. Choose a beard dye designed for red hair.

2. Do a patch test first.

3. Clean and dry your beard.

4. Protect your skin with petroleum jelly.

5. Apply the dye evenly, following package instructions.

6. Rinse after processing time.

7. Condition your beard afterward.

8. Repeat as needed for desired color.

9. Use beard-specific products for maintenance.

Always follow the instructions provided with the dye and be cautious when applying any new products to your skin and hair. If you experience any adverse reactions, discontinue use immediately and consult a dermatologist.

Color depositing shampoos

If dyeing your beard feels too permanent, you can try using a color-depositing shampoo. Color-depositing shampoos are great for enhancing fading red hair or adding more vibrancy. You simply use them in the shower, wash them out and you’re done. The results will fade naturally over time unless you keep up on use. 

Avoid the sun and heat 

If you don’t want to cover up your fading facial hair, but just want to slow the process down you should avoid the sun and heat on your beard. Sunshine and exposure to hot tools can cause fading to speed up. Additionally, consider using beard oils or balms containing UV protection to shield your beard from the sun’s damaging effects.

Eat well

Eating well and making sure you’re getting all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients can also help to reduce your risk of a fading beard. A deficiency in vitamin B-12 can cause premature graying! 

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash