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How to be a Redhead’s Top 10 Facebook Posts of 2016

Redheads are enjoying the How to be a Redhead Facebook page! Throughout 2016, the How to be a Redhead Facebook community has grown immensely — did you help us celebrate reaching 40,000 redhead fans?!

If our Facebook audience has told us anything, it is that influential stories and studies matter.

Here is a list of our top 10 Facebook posts of 2016:

No. 10: 2 out of 5 men have a red beard.. whether they have black, blonde or brown hair! We broke down why males have redheaded beards and our Facebook audience loved it. Read it here.

No. 9: Will you have a redhead baby? This post asked the same question while backing it up with some facts to see if you will have a redhead baby. Read it here.

No. 8: ‘5 Reasons You’re Lucky To Know A Redhead’ was a top share among our audience. Read the top five reasons here

No. 7: The article ‘5 Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Redhead Friend’ is an oldie but goodie, and most always gains a lot of traction on Facebook. This year it was no different. Read it here.

No. 6: On November 5th, we celebrated the 2nd Annual National Love Your Red Hair Day. On this day, we shared a fun animated video about a girl named ‘Red’ who shares what she has learned about her red hair. Watch it here and below!

No. 5: Earlier this year, we asked our audience if they cared when people called them ‘ginger’. It was to tie in the article focusing on ‘3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Address Redheads As ‘Gingers’. Read it here.

No. 4: There was a few Apple updates, and STILL no redhead emoji. Twitter is still in uproar about it, and Facebook too. This was a post featuring the article mentioning this horrifying news and the tweets that were posted. Read it here.

No. 3: A post on the article ‘Study Shows Redheads Might Be Genetically Superior’. Read it here.

No. 2: This meme is SO true. Our audience got a kick out of it too. See our 5 favorite foundations for redheads here.

No. 1: Our top post in 2016 comes at no surprise. Our caption: “Haha! This should be our response every time!” [Laughing emojis]

Which Facebook post was your favorite? Comment below! Rock it like a Redhead!

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