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5 Reasons Why You’re Lucky You Know A Redhead

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1. Redheads are pure luck! In Poland, it is believed if you pass three redheads you win the lottery.

You might find us standing in the middle of a busy section of town hoping three redheads pass by.


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2. Redheads are not going extinct.

The red hair gene might not be going extinct, but redheads will always be rare and unique.


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3. Everyone wants a redhead friend.

As a redhead, we’re sure a random blonde or brunette has approached you and said, “I have a redhead friend!” As if having that friend allows them to hang with the cool (redhead) kids.


Photo via Polyvore

4. Getting married? Your bridal photos will look more stunning than ever.

If you aren’t getting ready to celebrate your big day, your redhead friend will always make a picture beautiful. #Selfie time.


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5. You know you’ll never burn at the beach. A redhead always carries SPF!

On a typical vacation, we’re guest-imating a redhead brings 4-5 different bottles of SPF. So, you’re all covered.


Bonus #6: You can attend all Rock it like a Redhead Beauty events with your redhead friend.

How lucky are you?


Rock it like a Redhead & Happy St. Patrick’s Day!