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How Redheads Can Rock The Pantone Color(s) of the Year

Rose Quartz + Serenity. 'Redhead Friendly' or not?

By: Kara Dunford

Pantone has declared not one but two “Colors of the Year” for 2016: A soft pink called Rose Quartz and a muted blue called Serenity. “Joined together, Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace,” explains Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Eiseman details the objectives behind the unorthodox dual-color selection for 2016,

“The prevalent combination of Rose Quartz and Serenity also challenges traditional perceptions of color association. This more unilateral approach to color is coinciding with societal movements toward gender equality and fluidity, the consumer’s increased comfort with using color as a form of expression, a generation that has less concern about being typecast or judged and an open exchange of digital information that has opened our eyes to different approaches to color usage.”

Many would think the colors are not ‘redhead friendly’ because they’re on the soft side of the color spectrum–similar to Pantone, redheads worldwide are eager to challenge perceptions of color by proving redheads can rock any color.

Curated exclusively for redheads, here’s how you can introduce a dusting of Rose Quartz and Serenity into your everyday lifestyle for 2016:

1. Cozy up to a warm mug of Your Tea Samples (as featured in the December H2BAR BOX) with the Pantone Universe Mug with Gift Box.

dec-192. If you’re afraid of going too far and don’t want to be mistaken for a pastel powder-puff, seek the path of least commitment: nail polish. Add a touch of color, and get creative with blending the two hues with Essie’s Peak Show and Borrowed and Blue.

pantone-2-Nail Polish Blend

3. The countdown to 2016 is on–keep up with fashion and time with the Shiloh Chronograph Watch by Charming Charlie.

3-Watch4. Channel your inner Alice as you frolic about in the Pleated Midi Skirt by Top Shop. Pair with a dark gray blouse or camisole to create a welcoming backdrop for your red locks.

4-Pleated Midi Skirt 35. Pirouette into your New Year’s Eve party wearing the highly textural Velvet & Tulle Dress by LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls. The navy velvet bodice is the perfect color-buffer, preventing the pale pink tulle skirt from washing out your upper-half.

6. Tread the pavement in 2016 with these trendsetting trainers: Try Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Colors in Pink, All Star Fresh Colors in Blue Sky, or the All Star Fancy in Blue/Pink/Egret, for a playful mix of pastels.

pantone-6-All Star Classic Colors Pink pantone-6-All Star Fancy in Blue:Pink:Egret

Rock it like a Redhead in Rose Quartz and Serenity this New Year, but remember, just a dusting of these soft hues is the best approach for redheads.