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Fall Redhead Style Upgrade: Swap This for That

Give Your Fall Wardrobe a Trendy Upgrade

Looking to give your fall redhead wardrobe an upgrade? Here are 5 things you can swap out to help your look more modern and on-trend.

Swap Your Over The Knee Boots for Knee High Boots or Ankle Boots 

Over-the-knee boots are out, and shorter boots are in. For pairing with dresses and skirts, opt for a boot that comes just below the knee in leather or faux leather. For wearing when you wear pants, opt for something that hits around the ankle in a similar style. 

‘Redhead Friendly’ Favorite: Sam Edelman Ankle Boot 

Swap Your Infinity Scarf for a Classic Straight Scarf

Say goodbye to circular infinity scarves and hello to classic straight scarves. A quality scarf is a timeless piece that will last you a lifetime if properly cared for. 

‘Redhead Friendly’ Favorite: Cashmere Saks Fifth Avenue Fringed Scarf 

Swap Your Fuzzy Vest for a Sweater Vest

Swap out your old furry vests for something a little chicer like a sweater vest. Dress it up or down depending on your style. Sweater Vests are also great transitional pieces between seasons. 

‘Redhead Friendly’ Favorite: Urban Outfitters Renewal Vintage Sweater

Swap your Draped Cardigan for a Cropped Cardigan 

Skip the long drapey cardigan and opt instead of a cute cropped cardigan. It will show off your figure instead of swallowing you up like a long draped cardigan does. 

‘Redhead Friendly’ Favorite: American Eagle Cropped Cardigan

Swap Your Short Pea Coat for A Long Coat

Short coats are out and long coats are in. Opt for a neutral trench for a more casual look or a long wool coat for a more formal look. 

‘Redhead Friendly’ Favorite: Ted Baker Wool Long Coat 

Rock it like a Redhead!