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The 6 Step Eye Makeup Tutorial for Redheads

Updated: July 5, 2021

You’ve already got the gorgeous red hair thing going. So what should you do next? You need to find a look that will make your eyes shine. Next to my hair, my eyes are the feature that I get complimented on the most often.

Here are some tips and tricks for making your eyes sparkle next to your red hair:

Step 1: Prime

I lightly dust loose powder over my (closed) lids. This will help keep shadow and liner from fading or melting throughout the day. It also helps your eye products go on smoothly. I like Almay Smart Shade Loose Finishing Powder in Light.

Step 2: Eyeshadow

I start with the lighter eyeshadow color on my brow bone area, medium color on the lid, and the darker color in the crease of the lid.

Step 3 (Optional): Line with a colored pencil

Some redheads have gorgeous blue or green eyes, some have brown. Regardless of the color, a color eyeliner looks beautiful next to red hair. I like Almay Intense I-Color Eyeliner and am currently into Purple Amethyst. Another favorite shade is brown with red hues, to enhance the red hair.

How to do it: Line your eye depending on your face and eye dimensions. I use a colored pencil underneath my bottom lashes. You can also work the color on the top of the lid before applying a brown/black liquid or pencil liner over the colored liner. If it’s a pencil, always remember to blend, blend, blend! It looks more natural.

Step 4: Line the top lids with liquid or pencil

I love using a ‘redhead friendly’ liquid liner for this, but you can use a pencil too. I use black, but you can use brown too. Black gives a more dramatic feel –  drawing attention to the eyes. I start in the inner part of the eye, and then I slowly move out to the end of the lid. Then, I take the very tip of the eyeliner wand and start from the outside of the eye where I want the extension of my liner to stop and make a small line. Next, I connect them carefully. Now I have nice, even “wings.”

Step 5: Curl the lashes

This makes the lashes appear longer. CAUTION: Do NOT clamp too hard and try not to keep the lashes clamped too long. A couple of seconds is all you need. Doing otherwise can damage the root of the lashes.

Step 6: Mascara

My redhead eyelashes are pretty much invisible without mascara. While applying the mascara, I start on the bottom lashes first; then I apply mascara to the top. Also, I move the wand slightly from side to side as I apply so that I catch every single lash. My current mascara choice is Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara.

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Tip: I highly recommend resting your elbow on a table, dresser, bureau, etc. when doing eyeliner and mascara. It helps keep your hand and fingers balanced and steady, which means a lot less mess and fewer mistakes for you!

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Step 7: Eyebrows! 

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