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Do You Have Broken Red Hair By The Hairline? Here’s How To Fix It

Bye Bye, Broken Hair

Broken hairs around your face can be annoying and make your hair look messy. Usually, broken hairs are caused by heat damage, chemical damage, pregnancy/childbirth, or stress on the hair. If you have broken red hair pieces, here’s what you can do to fix them.

1. Figure out what is actual breakage and what is normal 

The first thing to understand is not all short hairs around the hairline are breakage. It’s actually normal to have shorter hairs at the hairline and around the nape of the neck. This is something that is determined by genetics and hair type. You’ll probably know if your hairs are from breakage or not based on your hair history. If you’ve always had these hairs since you were a kid, they are probably natural. If they are new, and/or appeared after pregnancy/childbirth then they are probably a form of breakage. 

2. Be gentle on them

If you are dealing with breakage, it’s important to be gentle so you can avoid more breakage. Try to keep from wearing slicked-back, tight hairstyles, and avoid tugging or yanking at the hair. 

3. Stop the damage

If your breakage is from pregnancy/childbirth you will probably have to wait it out and do what you can to aid growth. If your breakage is caused by too much heat, too many chemicals, or stress on the hair, it’s time to change your habits. Reduce heat, stop dying/bleaching your hair, and wear looser hairstyles. 

4. Do a scalp/hairline massage

Scalp massages can help to stimulate hair growth, so try massaging the hairline every time you wash your hair and when you apply hair products. You can use your fingers, or try using a silicone scalp scrubber. 

5. Add a hair growth oil or treatment 

There are a lot of mixed opinions on increasing hair growth using oils or treatments but it’s worth a try. Some essential oils like castor oil and rosemary oil are said to aid in hair growth. Additionally, there are treatments like thinning sprays or more medicated treatments* that can be used to increase growth. 

6. Learn to embrace them

It’s easy to get frustrated by these little hairs, but at the end of the day they may be there to stay, so learn to embrace them. If long enough they can look cute curled or you can brush them back with some gel to hide them.

*Always consult with a physician.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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